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Valerie Amadio Kickboxing Fighter

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Valerie Amadio Kickboxing Fighter


Photo Credit: Nancy Amadio-Nelson
Valerie Amadio Kickboxing Fighter / Photo Credit: Nancy Amadio-Nelson

Thanks to Valerie for helping us out with info for the Valerie Amadio Awakening Profile.

Valerie, aka 'Mad Val' is a Kickboxing Instructor and amateur Kickboxer and Muay Thai fighter from Toronto, Canada. At the time of writing her record is 1-1-0. She fights out of Effective Kickboxing and is focused on progressing to semi-professional and indeed earning herself her first title.

We asked her how she started in martial arts and she replied...

"I started kickboxing in 2001. My training has been instrumental in helping me overcome challenges in my life. We face obstacles every day, in the ring and outside the ring. My training has strengthened me above and beyond my physical capabilities. I love being a kickboxing instructor, if I can help increase a student’s internal strength and confidence I have done my job."

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