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Stage Two of Three underway in huge website update!

by Rew MitchellPosted on

I recently posted about this huge incoming website update. I made some significant ground recently and needed to share it with you.

If you have read the previous article you will know that I have been working in the background towards the following:

By Q3 of 2022 the following should be implemented:

● All athletes with a fight history will have an up to date profile
● Over 1000 new athletes added
● 10,000+ new fights and info added
● All broken links fixed
● All broken video links fixed
● All profiles will have a new fight history format that is 60% easier and faster for me to update

I had to split this entire process into three main stages that would span over a couple of years. I am now a year and a half into this process. So I am getting much closer to completion. There is more detail of these stages in the previous article.

Due to the significant progress I made this week, where I say above, Q3 of 2022, I have now changed this to Q2 of 2022. Yes, I think I may have shaved off about three or four months to my original estimation!

Side note: This week I added 1050 new athletes, so that can be marked off the list above as completed!

A few people have mentioned to me they would like to donate, which I really appreciate! I went ahead and created a Ko-fi profile, where you can buy me a coffee if you wish. If this is something for you, click the image below.

Stage One

This stage is complete, and took me around 13 months. This was between 4-10hrs per day, every day. You could say I'm committed! I converted 10,000+ Excel files to Google Sheets, 500,000's of cells needed reformatting.

Stage Two

This is where we are now in the process. I am in talks with a coder to be able to implement a new system of updating fights on our website. This new system once in place, will shave off 3/4 of the time it took previously to update fights. The significance of this is that the awakening website will become so much easier and faster to keep up to date! Which I know ultimately is what we all want.

This stage should only take a few weeks, a month at most.

Stage Three

Finally, I will go through each fighter profile and get their fight records and histories completely up to date. I have already made a start on this while I waiting for our new code to be implemented. In the very near future I will restart reaching out to fighters to send in their fight updates.

By Q3 of 2022, the Awakening Website will be fully functioning again. Better still, the Awakening project should be much closer to being financially sustainable, and updates will be easy to keep on top of!

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