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Seven Most Useful Martial Arts Betting Tips For Beginners

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Mixed martial arts is not only popular among sports fans but also among bettors who love to place wagers on highly anticipated fights. UFC and similar competitions keep attracting more gamblers who want to try something new and invest in a slightly different kind of betting.

If you are just starting with martial arts betting, you should know a few things in order to make the whole experience smoother and much more profitable. There is no sure-fire way to earn money through MMA betting, but there are many ways to raise the odds of ending up a winner.

We will present you with the seven most useful martial arts betting tips for beginner-level players. Let’s take a look!

Judo Throw. Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

1. Learn the vocabulary

A sports betting vocabulary is rich and versatile, so you better learn it right away. For instance, an underdog is unlikely to win a match, while chalk is considered to be a heavy favorite. Parley is when you mix multiple bets on the same ticket. The list of popular betting terms goes on almost endlessly.

2. Understand the odds

Do you know how booking odds really work? They usually come with a plus or minus sign. Here’s an example: Fighter A is projected at -400 and fighter B at +300. In this case, you need to invest $400 in order to earn $100 on A’s win. At the same time, you need to invest $100 on B in order to earn three times as much.

3. Know your wagering options

Picking a winner is far from being the only wagering option you have in martial arts. The best online casinos and bookies offer all sorts of betting lines with extra features such as bonus spins and doubled deposits. What do you get from a no deposit casino when betting on UFC and other fights? Here are the usual options:

● Moneyline is the most common wager because it simply lets users predict a winner.

● Round betting allows you to guess the total number of rounds in a fight.

● Type of victory is a perfect game for people who think they know how a fight will end (knockout, unanimous decision, etc.).

4. Beware of Fighters’ Characteristics

Of course, it takes a vast knowledge of match participants if you want to predict the outcome correctly. You should know fighters’ forms, training dynamics, their history, results, previous fights, fighting styles, and many more. That way, you can go into the details and guess the final score more accurately than less diligent bettors.

Sparring. Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

5. Learn all you can about UFC and MMA

You can bet on martial arts almost everywhere these days, including a casino with free spins. That’s the magic of sports betting and so you can learn a lot about it using numerous resources. From official MMA associations and their websites to news magazines and sports bloggers, you can hardly miss an important update about the forthcoming fights.

6. Make use of prop bets

If you are one of those gamblers who don’t really appreciate traditional wagering lines, perhaps you should try with prop bets? Probability bets allow you to get creative and ask a bookie to offer odds for all kinds of unusual events or outcomes.

For example, you can bet on one fighter to start bleeding before the other one. Or you can try and guess the number of wins by knockout on a given UFC night. Whatever you want to play, prop bets are there to fulfil your wishes and ensure the best betting experience there is.

7. Stick to the budget

This one goes without saying, but we’ve seen too many people not sticking to the sacred rule of sports betting and gambling in general. Namely, you should always stick to the budget and play with the money you can actually afford. Start slowly and keep increasing bets only if you see that your tickets are winning. Do not try to recover from big failures by investing even more money.

The Bottom Line

UFC and other fighting associations generate a huge number of fans while also representing a major portion of the sports betting market. New gamblers join the party every day, but only the most diligent experience success from day one.

Those are the players who master the rules of the game before they start investing money in MMA betting. In this article, we showed you the top seven beginner-level tips you have to know in martial arts. Keep them in mind and you can expect to place high-quality wagers very soon!


Cory Shilling is a sports blogger and a passionate explorer of online casinos and sports betting strategies. Cory is interested in sharing her gambling experiences with her audience. Besides that, she loves traveling and mountain biking.

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