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Riders on the storm

by Rew MitchellPosted on

Riders on the storm

Admittedly from the outside it may appear that we haven't been very active since February. Rest assured, the only area we have been slacking in is with the posting of articles. This we apologize for!

So what have we been doing? To put it simply (and to be transparent because that's what you deserve), it's been a mixture of profile updates, unforeseen difficult personal circumstances for a couple of the team members, and more profile updates!

When we began our Awakening journey we had just 2,500 athletes in the database, we now have over 7,500 and this inevitably means many more updates. Essentially, our small core team of three had reached its limit in regards to workload and finances. We'd hit a brick wall. We either needed to pull the plug completely and get our personal lives back in order, or we needed a different solution.

We decided first and foremost that Awakening could not stop, it's our dream, so the next option was to make some temporary cut backs - ie, not spending time on writing and posting articles until our feet were back underneath us. Awakening's main strength is its database, so we decided to make this our sole focus and continue with profile updates. We're still a little behind, however, we are still here!!!

We're delighted to say that Awakening's rocky period has now passed, issues in personal lives have been addressed and new strategies have been discussed and set in motion.

The truth is, what we have done with Awakening has become so popular that it has outgrown its "hobby" phase, and is now so demanding that it must be re-strategized as a viable, and sustainable business.

We definitely aren't seeking boundless riches, we're female fight geeks, it's just time we work out a way of existing and funding the uncontrollable growth of monster that is Awakening!

Exciting times, in the next article we will fill you in with some of the awesome changes we have made, and will be making. Read the Website 3.1 article.

Yes folks…… we're back!! woot woot! 🙂

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