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Let us not forget Jessica Lindsay

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Let us not forget Jessica Lindsay. It's with a heavy heart I write this small article. Jessica Lindsay, an eighteen year old from Perth, Australia, has passed away due to extreme dehydration from weight cutting. I don't claim to have known Jessica, and I haven't contacted her family out of respect for what they must be going through at such a horrible time.

Jessica Lindsay. Photo Credit Hittman Photography
Jessica Lindsay. Photo Credit: Hittman Photography

We have read through quite a few articles about Jessica Lindsay's passing and we feel that the most comprehensive one, and indeed most respectful is this article from Perthnow, the only media resource we could find that has spoken to directly to poor Jessica's mother.  We urge you to read the Perthnow article for a full picture on what happened.

Over the last few years the practice of weight cutting has become more and more notorious; linked to concussions, traumatic brain injury, poor performance and making a fighter more prone to knockouts. It's logical that a fighter will try to temporarily make a weight below their natural weight, to gain an advantage during a bout. The practice of weigh cutting however should be treated extremely seriously. Very few organisations have guidelines on cutting weight, so until guidelines are put in place the community needs to step up and look out for each other. Be honest with your training partners, speak out if you think someone might be trying to reach an unrealistic weight. There should be no shame in saying "no, I can’t take that fight with this amount of notice".

Understandably, finding fights for women is a little harder due to there being less female fighters. Be patient, if you want to fight at a lower weight, then work your way to it naturally. Dehydration is not the key to success.

Jessica With Sister Grace And Mother Sharron Lindsay.
Jessica With Sister Grace And Mother Sharron Lindsay.

Our thoughts are with Jessica's family and team members at this horrible time.  Let us not forget Jessica, she was a part of the female fight community and passing away at the age of eighteen is a travesty.

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