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In The Media: International Kickboxer Magazine

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We want to thank Sylvia Schiavoni, a Muay Thai Champion from Melbourne, Australia. She recently took the time and effort to write a great little article about Awakening in International Kickboxer magazine. We’ve posted the article below in case you are interested in reading it.

Sylvia Shiavoni

We first became aware of Sylvia after she added herself to the Global Female Martial Artist Register. We were discussing her profile information when she mentioned that she was a freelance writer for the magazine and wanted to try and get an article published about Awakening. Of course, we were delighted by the idea and helped her out with a quote!

Awakening – Getting Girls Recognised
Awakening is a new website founded by UK-based Rew Mitchell, set-up to help represent and creatively promote female artists in a positive light and give them the boost that they deserve across the globe.
The site boasts a Global Female Martial Arts Register providing women with an opportunity to register their profile, which is a great inspiration for other women as well as a great resource for large fight promotion companies and commentators.Awakening also provide promotional materials to help further the careers and public profiles of the women they work with. The aim is to create a platform to assist female martial artists to realise their dreams.“We want to be a company that the athletes know they can trust, know they can turn to for advice, know will represent them with the highest quality design, photography and promotional films. We also want to inspire other women and younger generations into getting started, not necessarily to compete but to train, and share the incredible benefits that martial arts brings,” says Mitchell.

Written by: Sylvia Shiavoni

International Kickboxer Magazine

We love the article that Sylvia wrote and really appreciate it when martial artists show us love and support. It means a lot. Sylvia’s Awakening Profile is still being completed, but feel free to take a look at it so far.

Photo #1: Master Toddy Photography

Awakening Profile: Sylvia Schiavoni
International Kickboxer Magazine website

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