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How to Bet on Professional Wrestling Matches Online?

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World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) promotes professional wrestling matches. It is a popular sport that has been gaining attention for its entertaining matches and exciting rosters. They also have annual events that bettors have been eyeing to participate in. Yet, many people are still unaware of how to bet on a WWE event.

For bettors that are still confused about where to start, you do not have to worry! For starters, here is a helpful guideline on how to bet on WWE professional wrestling matches.

Find a Sportsbook

If you are new to sports betting, the first thing that you must do is sign up for a sportsbook online. The sportsbook is responsible for accepting bets from the bettors. They are also the ones who will release payouts to the winner. Keep in mind that they have a huge part in your betting experience. So, if you try to start to bet for WWE, ensure that you sign up with a responsible one.

As you discover the right sportsbook for you, you must consider several things such as licenses they hold, their services, and their reputation. If you see many positive feedbacks from their past clients, it is most likely that they had a great experience with that sportsbook. So, you can consider that site when you see one.

Decide What Match to Bet

What makes WWE a more fun sport to bet for is that it has different matches that they show regularly. To explain it further, WWE has three brands that hold their pay-per-view (PPV) shows, Raw, Smackdown, and NXT 2.0. These brands usually do crossovers where wrestlers from respective shows fight, which some bettors also bet in.

Moreover, it is essential as a wrestling bettor to determine the difference between every PPV show so that you can choose or predict the wrestlers who will likely appear. To help you, here is a brief description of each show.


Monday Night Raw, simply known as the WWE or Raw, is one of the WWE shows where many bettors participate. It airs every 8 pm ET on Monday nights on the USA Network in the United States. Many consider Raw as the WWE’s main show.


Every Friday night, wrestling fans and bettors enjoy a different show from the WWE, the SmackDown, originally known as the Friday Night SmackDown. This show goes live every Friday at 8 pm ET on Fox.

NXT 2.0

WWE NXT 2.0 airs every eight Tuesday evening Eastern Time on the USA Network. This show is considered a developmental division which is usually referred to as the minor leagues of the WWE. Moreover, NXT 2.0 is the newest show the WWE aired compared to the first two shows in this list.

Understand the Wrestling Odds

As you look at most sport odds, you will notice that it is accompanied by a number with a minus and plus sign. It is also the same with professional wrestling odds. Favorite wrestlers have the former sign, while the underdog has the latter. After you have determined the favorite and the underdog, you will also know the amount of money you can wager and your possible total payout.

For instance, in a match between Wrestler A (-450) and Wrestler B (+240), you will observe that the former is the favorite. So, when you bet for Wrestler A, you must wager $450 to win $100. On the other hand, betting for Wrestler B would require you to bet $100 to earn a $240 payout. However, this does not require you to wager the exact amounts of $450 or $100. You can place certain amounts in relation to the sportsbooks' rule.

So, if you bet $90 on a -450 odds, you can pay $20 and payout $110. Meanwhile, when you bet the same amount on the underdog with +240 odds, you can win $216 and pay our $306. Keep in mind the difference in this is relative to the weight of the risk you are about to wager. Thus, if your underdog bets win, they usually have larger chances.

Prepare Your Bets

After you have learned about the odds and the different events you can bet on, you should know that there are different types of bets that you can place on every show. Here are some popular WWE bets you can check out to guide you.

Match Bet. This type of bet is one of the simplest WWE bets that even beginners can participate in. The only thing you will need to do is to bet on the wrestler that you think will win the match.

Near Fall Bets. This type of bet requires bettors to place a bet on the wrestler who was almost the winner. To explain it simply, you will wager on the wrestler that you think can first pin their opponent but loses.

Retain Title Bets. This type of bet only requires the WWE bettors to place a wager on the reigning champion to defend their title until the end. If another winner is called after the match, you lose your bet.

Final Thoughts

After you familiarize yourself with professional betting, you will learn that there is more to it than you may seem. It can be as exciting as other sports, and you will understand its booming popularity. If you are new to this sport, you can take your time to learn and read more about WWE. You can use this article as your reference as you try professional wrestling betting!

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