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How Grammarly rocks, and why you should have it

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I mean this sincerely; Grammarly rocks. I have been converted to using Grammarly for almost everything. In this article, I will do my best to explain why you should consider it too.

How did I become a converted Grammarly user?

If you are anything like me, you will have come across their adverts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or scattered around the web. I ignored them for months; in fact, I saw them so often that they used to irritate me. I was born in Britain to English parents and always considered myself as competent at writing, spelling, and grammar. Sure, I always had a handful of words that tripped me up. I was able to fix these recurring errors by using Microsoft Word’s spell check or listening to a smart girlfriend. Overall, I felt reasonably competent.

It was not until I decided to finish the book I was writing “Way of the 69 Fists” I thought that perhaps I should try Grammarly after all and see if I could polish my writing before publishing. So I signed up and ran my 360-page manuscript through its checking process (which was just one click).
I was utterly shocked at what it told me. I thought perhaps in over 80,000 words, I may have about one hundred spelling errors. I did not even consider that I might have made any grammatical errors. This is what it showed me after it had checked it.

3440 critical errors. Startling right? Admittedly, 40% of these errors were ones I needed to fix to be grammatically correct. The other 60% were errors that it believed could be altered to improve a reader’s experience. Let’s face it; that is what matters in writing a book. You see, Grammarly rocks.

Grammarly in a nutshell, from my perspective

During the book writing process, I saw that I have been making the same silly mistakes all of my life. A lot more than I ever realized. Grammarly has made me a better writer. I understand a lot more about determiners, restrictive clauses, correct hyphenation, compound sentences, intensifiers, and weak adjectives, to name a few. I feel much more confident in my writing, my vocabulary has grown, and I am a lot faster. I can honestly say that going through Grammarly’s checks over the last few weeks, I have learned more in this short time about the English language than I did growing up at school for twelve years. Remember I said that I used to get irritated at their ads? Well, how the tables have turned. I am irritated at myself for having ignored them. I wish I was using the software sooner.

For those of you that know me, know that I care about the website’s visitors. I would never suggest anything that I did not think worthy of your time. If you are still unsure if you should sign up for the free account, feel free to email me any questions about it.

Free vs. Premium

It’s worth address this since this is turning into a bit of a review. The free account will give you a heavyweight spelling check, critical grammar check, and assistance with conciseness. So this makes sense for anyone who does any writing to use the free account’s tools, and that covers everybody!

The premium account, I’ll be honest, is a little on the expensive side at $29.95 per month. Unless you pay annually, then it is $11.66 per month. Which I find more than reasonable for what you get. The premium account (which is what I have) also checks your readability, gives vocabulary enhancement suggestions, detects plagiarism, and probably my favorite feature: genre-specific writing style checks. What this means is that you can choose your preferred style of writing for your specific document, and Grammarly will run checks to help you stick to that style. The genres to choose from are: academic, business, casual, creative, technical, medical, and general. Each one of these genres also has several sub-categories. There are thirty-two in total from dissertation to regulatory writing, from novel to business letter, script to marketing document, etc. There is an abundance of other features that you can find listed on their website.

My final word

This is a potent tool that I truly love. It’s free, so sign up and have a poke around. Your writing will get better, and I know it will surprise you. If you are considering writing a book or have a substantial writing job, I would consider paying for Premium.

You can sign up for a free Grammarly account here.

You can compare the Free and Premium Accounts here.

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