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Lauren Edmunds
"We are really grateful for the work Awakening have done for us and female martial artists in general. Thanks to Awakening we have a professional looking website, other great marketing material and a go to place for any support we need. In the coming months Awakening will be working with us on a promo video!"   Lauren Edmunds

Sian Edmunds
"Working with Awakening to raise the profile of female Martial Arts is our goal, Awakening are helping to empower talented women across the world to achieve deserved recognition, a pleasure to be part of the revolution that is Awakening 🙂 x"
Sian Edmunds

Julie Kitchen
"It’s a pleasure to work alongside Awakening, Rew is very passionate about his work and produces amazing photos, Awakening is another path to promote females in a combat sport which has always been one of my missions, here is to an even more successful year for the ever growing Awakening, keep doing what you’re doing guys 🙂 x" Julie Kitchen

Danielle West
"I love all the work Awakening is doing for and to promote women in sport. They do a tremendous job and are so passionate. I have enjoyed working with them in 2012 and am thrilled to see all the great stuff they are doing for 2013." Danielle West

Amber Kitchen
"I think women’s fighting isn’t recognised enough, but thanks to Rew and the team many more women are becoming promoted!" Amber Kitchen

Allaya Kitchen
"Awakening has given me and other female fighters a great chance to be recognised in our martial arts of choice. Its great to work with people who want us to do well in sport and succeed x" Allaya Kitchen

Lauren Huxley
"Love all the hard work and effort you’re doing! Thank you for all the support 🙂 x" Lauren Huxley

Lauren Morgan
"So refreshing to work with people so utterly devoted to promoting us girls and getting some of the most talented fighters and performers the recognition they deserve. I am very proud to have worked with Awakening. x" Lauren Morgan

Bec Hyatt
"The time & effort that Awakening is putting into WMMA is awesome sauce & I couldn’t be happier having the chance to work with Rew & the crew. There is no other database on the Internet that has such an in-depth focus on WMMA & Awakening should be every WMMA fan’s one stop information shop for female fighters" Bec Hyatt

Tecia Torres
"Awakening…Thanks for believing in me and my dreams from the ground on up… we will make it to the top! -Tiny XoKo" Tecia Torres

Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu
"Wow, just took a look at my profile. You’ve put in a lot of work! Looks great." Sylvie Von Duuglas Ittu

Chantal Ughi
"Thank you so much for supporting me and female Muay thai so well! Finally we have a complete female oriented martial artist website! You guys do such inspiring work and your photography and design are really cool." Chantal Ughi

Jasminka Cive
"You made a real great thing with Awakening Female Fighters!!! I want to thank you and will always support your work!!!!" Jasminka Cive

Maritza Reyes
"Thank you so much for this site Awakening, it means so much to so many women out there and our new generation." Maritza Reyes

Helen Wilson
"It's brilliant to see all the female fighters totally motivating. Some of these women are amazing, they make me train harder x" Helen Wilson

Shauna Carew
"Thanks so much for providing such a great thing for fighters to try and help get our name out there!"   Shauna Carew

Justine Kish
"I really appreciate all of your support and effort(s) to make such a nice site for female fighters
"   Justine Kish

Ashley Nichols
"Very inspiring! I just saw the video. You do amazing work. I am touched. And I thank you so much again. x"   Ashley Nichols

Ashleigh Johnson
"I love Awakening as it gives recognition to female martial artists, it's a fab organisation that really encourages women to take part in a martial art and in most cases go really far with it in life!"   Ashleigh Johnson

Tanya Merrett
"Awakening have provided a platform to showcase female martial artists in a way that is befitting; highlighting the dedication, commitment and professionalism that women give to their sport. I want to personally thank Rew and the Awakening team for all the support and opportunities they have given me to compete for that beautiful belt of theirs 🙂 x"
Tanya Merrett

Roezala Su'E
"I want to take this chance to say I really appreciate what you and Awakening are doing not only for MZ & Emmers but for Female Fighters world wide, I find your Facebook page informative and a valuable resource and platform for us fighters. Keep up the good work ;)"   Roezala Su'e

Ranini Cundasawmy
"Thanks so much to Awakening for giving us female fighters the opportunity to appear on your site. Awesome Awakening rocks"   Ranini Cundasawmy

Alice Nicholas
""All women are created equal...and then there are those that practice martial arts" Thank you to Awakening for putting us Females on the map, for uniting both amateur and professional fighters from across the globe who all share the same passion in life. Thank you for giving us the stage to demonstrate that we too are tenacious warriors at heart. Watch this space - the dawn of a Rude Awakening is upon us"   Alice Nicholas

Ashley Browning
"Thank you Awakening for being such an inspirational testament to women martial artists everywhere. For giving us a medium to be seen, heard, and expressed. I love watching you grow and being able to be a part of it, from Nashville, Tennessee in the United States- Chok Dee!"   Ashley Browning

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