April Progress Report

Awakening Article Thumb April Progress Report | Awakening Fighters

You may have noticed that I’ve decided to give a regularly updates on the progress of the Awakening website and database. I write these updates up at the start of of each month, to keep you informed and to reassure you of the masses of work that’s being done here.

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Will Amanda Serrano Compete in MMA?

Amanda Serrano Signs With Combate Americas From Mma Fighting

Amanda Serrano has been dominant in the world of boxing for a significant number of years. Her accomplishments are outstanding, and her dedication to combat sports is second to none. However, the recognition she’s so deserving earned has often evaded the Puerto Rican Guinness World Record holder for the most boxing world championships won by a female in different weight classes. The question looms, does a career in MMA alter her destiny?

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Huge website update coming!

Huge Update Coming

To call this update “huge” is an understatement. You know and I know that the website needs to be brought back up to date, and I am mainly talking about the fighter profiles. I am making a whopping fundamental change for the better, and I know you will love it. This update is being progressed in three main stages. At the end of this progression, fighter profiles will be back up to date, and not only that – maintainable!

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