December Female Fight Fixtures and Results 2014

Monthly Female Fight Fixtures and Results

December female fight fixtures and results. The most comprehensive listing for December 2014 in the world. 169 fights / 30 countries. Including Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Submission Grappling. Updated daily, we’re sure there are more happening around world with the explosion of WMMA, and we will eagerly add them as we come across them! Feel free to contact us if you have info on any other fights, or if you feel we have made an error.

by Rew Mitchell

Lindsay Haycraft Interview

Lindsay Haycraft Weigh-In

Lindsay Haycraft interview (formerly Lindsay Scheer) from the US, has agreed to take part in the first Awakening event next year in a fight against Julie Kitchen. We need to rally enough support from you the community, in backing our kickstarter to start putting on game changing female muay thai events. We caught with Lindsay and threw a few questions at her, here is the interview…

by Rew Mitchell

20 Days to go

20 Days to go. We’re 10 days in to the 30 day kickstarter campaign and we wanted to write a 10 day milestone article to take a look at how the campaign is going, the ups and downs and how we think it will pan out. It’s ever important for us to keep everyone informed on what we’re thinking, transparently looking at the positives and negatives.

by Rew Mitchell

Awakening One Campaign Feedback

For anyone that has been following the progress of our Awakening One kickstarter campaign, this article might be an interesting read for you as we take a look at and rectify our mistakes, some crazy statistics and discuss the exciting path that we’re on.

by Rew Mitchell

Julie Kitchen Interview

Photo Credit: Rew Mitchell for Awakening

Julie Kitchen Interview. During our kickstarter campaign which we are sure you are aware about, we wanted to interview both headline fighters to get their thoughts on the idea. Here is the Julie Kitchen edition.

by Rew Mitchell

The future of Awakening

The future of Awakening looks very bright, and as what we class as the Awakening community (you guys), we want to inform you of where we are heading, and how we need your support more than ever.

by Rew Mitchell

Alexis Rufus Retires

Alexis Rufus

It’s official, English Muay Thai world champion Alexis Rufus retires from competing in Muay Thai. Although the retirement wasn’t public knowledge until today, the decision was made a few months ago….

by Rew Mitchell

WMMA Legend Megumi Fujii earns an AOCA

Megumi Fujii

Megumi Fujii earns an AOCA. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary since the final fight by one of WMMA’s biggest stars – Megumi Fujii. This incredible athlete’s accomplishments, both inside and out of MMA, have inspired women in her home country of Japan and around the world.

by Rew Mitchell

Monthly Most Viewed – September 2014

Rose Namajunas

Here is September’s “Monthly Most Viewed” listing. At the beginning of each month we take a look at the top ten most viewed female fighter profiles in the Awakening fighter database. We also include places 11 to 20 because the database is growing quickly!

by Rew Mitchell

Website Update 2.3.4

Awakening Fighters Article

Website update 2.3.4. It might have been noticed that we have posted fewer articles during September. We have been doing an experiment to see how much we could achieve on the database without having resources focused on posting articles. The results were startling!

by Rew Mitchell

Invicta FC 8 Who’s Who

Photo Credit: Esther Lin for Invicta FC

After almost a year since the last Invicta show, every WMMA fan is chomping at the bit in anticipation for Saturday’s event, Invicta FC 8. It’s finally here! Invicta has dealt with a lot of difficult changes over the last nine months and is now re-emerging with a new breed of ladies taking centre stage. Recently it’s been apparent on social media that the promotion has been signing many athletes,

by Rew Mitchell

An Interview with Vicky Church, Smash 10

Judgement Day 2 - 01

This Saturday Vicky Church faces UK’s #2 Sophie Gallagher to defend her new ranking at Smash 10 in Liverpool. We caught up with Vicky to ask her thoughts on Sophie, Smash and female Muay Thai. Four weeks ago, Vicky Church from Cornwall, England became the UK’s #1 at 60kg after Sheree Halliday unfortunately lost her slot from being out through injury for a substantial amount of time.

by Rew Mitchell

Baars vs Van Gestel cancelled over contract disagreement

Cyborg vs Baars

It’s unfortunate news and really not something we’re happy to announce. Many fans, and indeed the entire Muay Thai community were waiting in anticipation to see Jorina Baars defend her Lion Fight Welterweight Title this Friday at Lion Fight 18. She was set to face Anke Van Gestel, an excellent young fighter from Belgium who is relatively unknown outside of Europe.

by Rew Mitchell
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