May Progress Report

We had a particularly impressive month of updates to the female fighter database in April, due to a couple of hundred hours graft. We’re making huge progress in our immediate goals and I’m excited to give you the rundown.

by Rew Mitchell

Bulls on Parade 11, May 21st

I am booked for another show in Plymouth next month. This time for Taurus Gym. A few athletes asked me if I was attending the show because of the amount of female fights on the card. I believe 8 of the 28 fighters are women.

by Rew Mitchell

The best female UFC fighters

Amanda Nunes vs Valentina Shevchenko 2 photo credit unknown

The UFC is made up of great fighters of both genders, and in this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the best female contenders. We’ll also take a short tour of the background to the UFC and give you some top tips for placing bets.

by Rew Mitchell

April Progress Report

You may have noticed that I’ve decided to give a regularly updates on the progress of the Awakening website and database. I write these updates up at the start of of each month, to keep you informed and to reassure you of the masses of work that’s being done here.

by Rew Mitchell

Ramping Up!

In a couple of months Awakening will celebrate it’s 10th birthday. That’s right, it’s been a decade! Although I had to lay the website dormant for three years due to unforeseen circumstances, I am back and firing on all cylinders.

by Rew Mitchell
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