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Awakening Fighters Article

One of the most exciting features on the Awakening website 2.0 is the new Global Martial Arts Event Calendar. As far as we’re aware, it’s yet again a ground breaking and ambitious move from Awakening. The idea of the calendar is to list as many martial arts events around the world as is physically possible for our little fingers.

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Event Calendar Explained

Calendar1 | Awakening Fighters

The Awakening global martial arts event calendar is another great feature we’d like to share with you in a little more detail. As far as we know, there isn’t another calendar like this in the world. We believe we’ve broken new ground again with this feature. While our calendar system itself is still in its infancy, it is the best place on the internet to find out at a glance, about martial arts events happening around the globe.

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Payne vs Van Soest

Lion Fight 10

We were fortunate enough to be ringside for this epic occasion on 26th July 2013 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The event of course was Lion Fight 10, featuring five amateur and six professional bouts. There were two female fights on the card, an amateur bout at 110lbs between Miranda Cayabyab (Milpitas, California) and Angela Hill (New York, USA)

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Anderson vs Church

Vicky Church

We had worked with both Grace Anderson and Vicky Church before so we were extremely excited for this one.  It was to be a last minute K1 fight at CSFC Challengers 2, in which Vicky standing in and not at her usual fully trained level.  Having an in-depth knowledge of each fighter’s style, and indeed being friends with both really spices things up.

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Barlow vs Peloumpi

Barlow Vs. Peloumpi

At long last we got to go and watch Iman “Pretty Killer” Barlow fight.  The fight was in her home town of Melton Mowbray, UK at an event hosted her fathers Assassins Gym. There were approximately twelve fights on the card but we were sucked right into the main event and it’s build up.

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Huxley vs Cunvin

Huxley Vs. Cunvin

19 May 2013. We travelled to Barry, Wales to a fight night hosted by Eagles Gym. The reason for travelling was to watch the Lauren “The Hatchet” Huxley fight. Her opponent, Natasha Cunvin was unknown to us at the time, but we’d seen Lauren fight before and were so impressed that we wanted to see her fight again. Lauren is a youngster, but shows a lot of promise and focus…

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Anderson vs Walkey

Anderson Vs. Walkey

6th April 2013. Grace Anderson faced Claire Walkey in Guildford, UK at CSMMA’s Ultimate Conflict 4 in a last minute K1 bout. Grace’s greatest assets are her power and dedication, whereas Claire has a youthful fearlessness about her and Touchgloves Gym showing her the way.

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