Spotlight: Julie Kitchen

Julie Kitchen Spotlight

Our 3rd Awakening Spotlight brings you Britain’s Julie Kitchen. Where do we start with this one? In the world of Muay Thai, Julie is as revered as a fighter can become. We consider her one of the most inspirational female martial artists of all time. She recently hung up her Muay Thai gloves after dominating the hearts and minds of fans for eleven years.

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Spotlight: Jasminka Cive

Our second Awakening Spotlight brings you Jasminka Cive, to date an unbeaten MMA fighter with a rich Muay Thai history and record of 17-6-1. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia and as a young girl she would play fight and wrestle with her elder sister, who was bigger, stronger and four years older. Not surprisingly her sister would always win.

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Spotlight: Lauren Edmunds

Our first Spotlight brings you British girl Lauren, a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Picked for two reasons: she is an outstanding athlete, and we felt that she needed cheering up somewhat. Back in mid August she had a painful injury that put her out of training for a few months. She tore ligaments in her ankle which forced her to cancel almost everything in her calendar.

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