Awakening Outstanding Contribution Award

Awakening Female Fighters

Outstanding Contribution

The Awakening Outstanding Contribution Award (AOCA) is our way of highlighting female martial artists that have played huge roles in raising awareness across the globe for the female fight community. Each of these women have different stories and have helped pave the way for those that come after them. These notable female athletes are listed in alphabetical order.

Michele Aboro AOCA

An important figure in Women's Boxing, during her career Michele helped raise public awareness of female fighters and their ability to

Marcela Eliana Acuna AOCA

Marcela is a high profile Boxing figure who made her debut in a media storm of controversy, by no fault of her own - but due to decisions made by

Laila Ali AOCA

Laila is potentially our most contentious awardee of the AOCA, however we stand by our decision firmly. Why is it contentious? Laila has

Gina Carano AOCA

Although Gina had a short-lived fighting career, she ultimately created a platform from which female fighters could spring from. A combination of

Jane Couch AOCA

In 1998, Jane was the first officially licensed female Boxer in Britain. Initially she was refused a professional licence by the British Boxing Board of

Megumi Fujii AOCA

A legendary pioneer of MMA, Megumi holds the longest win streak in WMMA by going 22-0 before suffering her first loss. Once regarded as the pound-

Chevelle Hallback AOCA

One of the most recognized female Boxers in the world, Chevelle has faced some of the very toughest opponents from around the world. Her

Holly Holm AOCA

Holly has achieved great success in competing. She is an 18 x World Champion in three different Boxing divisions and is regarded as one of the

Julie Kitchen AOCA

A lady that is universally loved around the world and inspires countless fighters both male and female. Julie's incredible Muay Thai record of 61-9-0

Kathy Long AOCA

A high profile martial artist during the 1990's, Kathy was inducted into four separate halls of fame. She practices numerous disciplines and is an

Christy Martin AOCA

Regarded by many as 'the most successful and prominent female Boxer in the US', she is also credited as the woman that legitimized female

Debi Purcell AOCA

Debi stands alone in her contribution to the female martial arts community, unlike the others it is not her actual fight career that she is being

Lucia Rijker AOCA

Lucia was awarded the AOCA simply for her two incredible fight records, Boxing 17-0 (14 KO) and Kickboxing 36-0 (25 KO). With these fight records

Cynthia Rothrock AOCA

Cynthia's contribution to the female martial arts scene is hard to summarize into a small paragraph, her achievements are unrivalled. She holds

Ronda Rousey AOCA

At 26, Ronda is the youngest martial artists to have been awarded the AOCA. She earned the award for what can only be described as opening up

Rosi Sexton AOCA

One of the true pioneers of women's MMA, Rosi was fighting competitively back when this sport was still relatively underground. One of the