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Tiffany Cass

Photo Credit: Unknown

Tiffany Cass’ Bio

Tiffany Beatrice Cass is a female Muay Thai fighter and Kickboxer from Trenton, Ontario, Canada.

Personal Life

Tiffany graduated from Law School with a focus on criminal law, and now works in a criminal defence firm.


Muay Thai Titles

2014 - WKA Lightweight Muay Thai Champion
2013 - WKA Lightweight Muay Thai Champion
2011 - TBA-SA North American Novice Featherweight Muay Thai Champion

Kickboxing Titles

2013 - WKA/WTKA Low Kick World Championships  Bronze
2013 - WKA/WTKA K1 World Championships  Silver
2013 - IKF World Classic Featherweight Championship  Silver

Team Details


Name Role
Krudar Muay Thai Gym / Affiliations
Kru Darwin Miranda Trainer / Instructor / Coach
Kru Peter Blythe Trainer / Instructor / Coach
Peter Montrait Trainer / Instructor / Coach
- Management


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