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Molly McCann-Pearson

Photo Credit: Unknown

Molly McCann-Pearson’s Bio

Molly McCann-Pearson (née McCann) is a female fighter from Liverpool, England, United Kingdom.

She received her Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in December of 2015 from Jeff ‘Ippon’ Lawson. She is an instructor at Ippon Gym for MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai.


MMA Titles

2016 - Shock N’ Awe Flyweight Champion | 125 lbs (1 defense)

Boxing Titles

2009 - UK National Amateur Boxing Association Championships (Winner)

Team Details

Name Role
Ippon Gym Gym / Affiliations
Jeff ‘Ippon’ Lawson Trainer / Instructor / Coach
- Management

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