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Germaine de Randamie

Photo Credit: UFC Facebook

Germaine de Randamie’s Bio

Germaine de Randamie is a female fighter from Utrecht, Netherlands.

She started training at the age of 15, and had her first fight at just 16.

She is currently signed with the UFC. She won the inaugural UFC Featherweight World title in February of 2017. In June of 2017, she was stripped of the title after refusing to defend against Cristiane Justino.
Germaine received her Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in February of 2016.

Personal Life

Germaine has also worked as a nurse.


MMA Titles

2017 - UFC Featherweight World Champion (inaugural)

Muay Thai Titles

2005 / 2008 - WIKBA World Muay Thai Champion | -63kg (2 defenses)
2008 - IKCC World Lightweight Muay Thai Champion | -63kg
2003 / 2005 - IMTF World Muay Thai Champion | -60kg (1 defense)
WPKL World Muay Thai Champion
2003 - WPKL European Muay Thai Champion | 63.5kg (1 defense)
2002 - European Muay Thai Champion | 63kg
WPKL Dutch Muay Thai Champion
3x World Muay Thai Champion | -63.3kg
3x World Muay Thai Champion | -61kg

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