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We’ve Given Birth

by Rew MitchellPosted on
We’re finally here with the launch of our website. I know right? We hope you like it, let us know what you think. We’ve plenty of exciting ideas for the future which we feel will help female martial artists gain the recognition that they deserve. For now, let us talk you through what the website is all about.When you come to the website, the Home page here will show the latest Awakening news. We would love to include all the female martial artist news from around the globe, but we’ve made the decision not to do so. The reason is that there are many other websites already offering this news and we want to concentrate our time on what we do best – creatively promoting. At a later date, we may start sharing other people's news. On the Home page, you will be able to read what Awakening is currently doing in its quest for the female martial artist. We will also be posting Awakening interviews as and when we do them. Watch this space!

On the About page you can read our story, who we are and why we exist.

We are continuing to work on the Athletes pages, this section is going to be a labor of love. It’s a very ambitious idea that will involve a lot of work but we think it has the potential to increase public awareness massively. We are attempting to contact as many athletes as we can find – so the Global Female Martial Arts Register is as comprehensive as we can make it. If you are listed on the Register and want to offer us some information, please get in touch! If you are an athlete and you are not listed then we would love you to get in touch also!The Art section is where you will find all the promotional work we’ve done with female martial artists. This is what it’s all about – creating powerful promotional art that will capture people’s imaginations. All of this work will, of course, be shown on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, and various other websites and magazines.

Last but not least, we have the Shop. We hadn’t even considered having a shop, but we have been asked a few times if we have any clothing or if our prints can be bought. So over time we will have more items available – but we are NOT about the shop, we are about art and promotion. For this reason, we want to let you know that 100% of the profit made from items in the shop is going right back into promoting the athletes. We are completely unorthodox, we know this… but somebody has to take a stand! Again, watch this space.

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