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Website Update 2.3.4

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Website Update 2.3.4

It might have been noticed that we have posted fewer articles during September. We have been doing an experiment to see how much we could achieve on the database without having resources focused on posting articles. The results were startling! Along with the typical monthly tweaks shown below and a few great additions, you can see some of the statistics achieved during the experiment. Whilst it was a worthwhile test for us, we will be returning to posting articles again. However our time will be balanced more effectively in future between articles and updating the database. Here is our lists of updates taking us to website update 2.3.4. Thank you for your continued support!

Website update 2.3.4 Oct 1st 2014

Athlete Database
806 new female fighters added, a 5% increase from August (762 added), or 303% increase from months prior to July (266 added on average)
2719 fighter profiles updated with new information, a 255% increase from August (1064 updated), or 576% increase from months prior to July (472 updated on average)
• Updated the look of the "awaiting Image" graphic on profiles currently without an image
• Added hover-over thumbnail selector on profile images
• Added Guamanian to Nationalities (was previously missing)
• Added key to the fight results explaining that the symbol "†" represents Title Fights
• Added hover-over key for fight records to explain W-L-D-NC
• Revamped pagination buttons on Athlete Search pages for improved usability on mobile devices
• Fixed Facebook Like Button issue in Athlete Search pages on Android devices
• Fixed Stephanie Eggink Profile issue with Feedback info and Page Views Count. Strangely the only profile to have this issue.

Fixtures and Results
• Added “Previous Month” and “Next Month” links at the top and bottom of listings
• Listings now show the amount of fights listed, and the amount of countries at the top of the schedule

Search Page
• Added thumbnail images to profiles when they appear in a users search. Not only does this look really cool, but it helps differentiate between articles and profiles nicely.

• Created a new system for implementing the article title headline graphics so they are a much smaller file size, and will ultimately increase page loading times.
• Fixed CSS issue with the article captions
• Fixed CSS issue on articles whereby the article images were not center aligning correctly

• Added missing featured images to major Awakepedia pages
• Added Facebook share image for the Awakepedia homepage

• Added a pop-up that appears when a user reaches the bottom end of the page. The pop-up shows the user articles and profiles that have recently been viewed by another user.
• Fixed issue with related posts slider and shortened page loading time

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