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Website Update 2.2

by Rew MitchellPosted on

Today we updated to website 2.2. We have one main change this month, listed under “Home Page”. We have some exciting big changes come in June and July, and we have been working on these behind the scenes. All of the changes last month were minor… and they are for the overall betterment of your experience whilst on the website.  Thank you for your continued support!
April saw us update 440 athlete profiles, and add 85 new athletes to the register!

Website update 2.2  May 1st 2014

Home Page

  • Redesigned the Recent Article section to make browsing recent content easier and more visually pleasing.


  • Added Related Article slider at the bottom of all articles
  • Included the Recent Article section at the top of articles to ease navigation options
  • Fixed page view count issue

Fighter Profiles

  • Fixed page view count issue

Athlete Page

  • Fixed Facebook Like button (was previously not clickable)


  • Fixed alignment of Facebook Like button in the social popup
  • The Awakening logo has been updated with a newer design


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