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Website Update 2.1

by Rew MitchellPosted on

On Christmas Day we launched the new website - "2.0" as we called it. We strive to constantly update the website for you, so periodically we will be improving features and tweaking the workings of the site.  Today is the first of those updates.  Below is a list of changes, now making the website version 2.1.  Some of the changes are minor, and some are fairly big… but all, are for the overall betterment of your experience whilst on the website.  Thank you for your continued support!

Website update 2.1  February 2nd 2014

Website performance

  • Significantly decreased page load times by fine-tuning cached settings
  • Reduced server response time and increased performance for faster database queries

Fighter Profiles

  • Increased weight ranges to now include heavyweight fighters. Previously went up to 185lbs+, now goes up to 265lbs+ (120kg)
  • Added "Unknown" as a new selection to the Status category. This now gives us the options of: Active, Retired, Deceased or Unknown.
  • Photo Credit has been made a shade darker for improved readability
  • Broken Links in fight histories. Approximately 900 broken links found and catalogued to be fixed, with approximately 300 links corrected so far.

Event Calendar

  • Broken links in event pages. 43 broken links found and catalogued. All broken links now corrected.

Home Page

  • Community section added to side bar
    • Submit Event button added to side bar for ease of use
    • Add Yourself button added to side bar for ease of use
    • Submit Article button added to side bar for ease of use
  • Added non-intrusive Social pop-up to increase audience

Athlete Page

  • Moved Facebook "Like" button on Athlete Page to a more visible position.
  • Unified Social "Like" buttons across Athlete Search pages


  • Integrated Facebook Open Graph tags into articles
  • Added new Facebook default image for articles without a photo


  • Added 275 new athletes to the database
  • Resolved issue of meta tags being added into html body instead of head.
  • Separated Social "Like" buttons across Awards pages and articles
  • Community section added to footer
    • Submit Event button added to footer to increase SEO
    • Add Yourself button added to footer to increase SEO
    • Submit Article button added to footer to increase SEO


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