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Website 4.0, streamlining work-flow

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The journey from conception to streamlining work-flow. When we first launched Awakening in 2012 our emphasis was on delivering something new, exciting and useful to the female fight community. The database idea was born and created.

From Website 2.0 to Website 3.0
Looking back now, although it was ambitious it was an extremely basic tool. A year later we launched Website 2.0. The emphasis on that revision was to redesign the website and database so it was more visually appealing. Almost over night our audience doubled, and the project became a monster! By Summer 2015 we had launched Website 3.0. The design didn't need to change but the infrastructure had to. Our weedy little server simply couldn't handle our growing audience. The focus on 3.0 was to speed up the page loading time. We did this by upgrading our server, quite literally quadrupling our costs. Loading times went from 12 to 6 seconds. To cut a long story short, each of the above changes has seen our audience increase steadily. Which of course is the entire point and we're constantly super-humbled by your response. The only difficulty that comes with such growing audience figures is the increased workload.

Website 4.0 and streamlining work-flow
Google had put us in a position where we had to redesign the website to become mobile-friendly. We decided that we simply HAD to do some work on streamlining work-flow at the same time. Over the years we've had work-flow ideas that haven't been put into action due to the disruption the coding process would cause. Website 4.0 seemed the perfect time.

Most of the changes to work-flow won’t be visible to our audience because it's done in the back end of the website, and offline in our infrastructure. However, what should become visible is that updates will get done faster and Awakening as a team might just start freeing up time to progress in other long term female fight industry goals.

As a brief overview of the changes we've made to the work-flow here's a list of elements positively affected in 4.0: fight information is slightly easier to add, photo galleries are faster to manage, fixtures and results listings have been significantly simplified in the back-end, multiple profile fields have been combined into one field (great for SEO, and great for loading times) and finally, we're opening the door to community editors. At the time of writing I can't think of the other changes to work-flow, but there are a few more. I am extremely excited about getting stuck in again after the awards process and fully testing the changes. Huge credit to Andy, Technical Director, for making it all possible.

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