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Website 4.0, Awakening Community explained

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We're proud to announce the launch of the Awakening Community section in Website 4.0. This 'community explained' article will act as a good introduction of what you can expect in this new exciting section. At first glance the community might seem a little confusing or intimidating.  Fear not, the good news is that it really isn't. Clicking around it for a few minutes will soon make sense, it works very similarly to other social networks. We're certainly not going to claim that it is anywhere near a replacement for facebook, but we do hope that it will serve as yet another tool for the female fight community. There is a saying with social networks, "A community is only as good as the community makes it." Due to speaking to so many of you personally and getting to know you, we have faith that it will be awesome!

The first thing to point out is that the community section is open to anyone; female, male, athlete or non-athlete. It is about having your say; commenting, discussing and chatting. Those of you among our visitors that are female athletes, also get the ability to link your registered Community Profile to your Awakening Fighter Profile to help boost your profile's Google power.

Main features
The Awakening Community hosts a dedicated forum, groups (created by Awakening and Community members) and the ability to connect with other members via the Member Directory. Signing up to the community is totally free and a free account will allow you to do almost everything you need within a social network. There are of course paid membership options that unlock some useful and fun perks such as getting rid of all the adverts. However a free account would probably suit most of you - this is the way we have built it.

Rec Points and Nublets
As you interact with the Awakening website and community, you will earn two types of points. Rec Points, and Nublets. Rec Points is an abbreviation of "Recognition Points". This is simply a bit of fun. There is a leader board that shows users with the highest Rec Points. Nublets are slightly different, we aim for you to be able to trade them in for something in the future. At the moment we're still working out what exactly that is going to be, but you will be earning them in the background none the less.

Database editing
Perhaps the most powerful part of the community is that it is now allowing us to open up some editing features in the Awakening database. We are somewhat fearful of the system being abused so we have put a few things in place to safeguard the database. The first of those being there is a pay wall. Paying members unlock the editing facility. This gives us a paper trail ability we otherwise wouldn't have. The editing feature requires an entire explanatory page on it's own. Editing will not be for everyone, but those interested will need to read and understand how the system works.

In conclusion, the Awakening Community is set up so that it can be as in-depth or as simple as you personally decide. Simply log in and read forum/group posts or look at pictures - or take it all the way and edit profiles in the Awakening database and manage your own community groups.

We have tried to make our FAQs page as helpful as possible. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if something is unclear!


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