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Ways you can profit from UFC

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship is regarded as the premier promotion in professional mixed martial arts. Dana White’s team hold the contracts of all the top fighters and put on the biggest shows that sell-out huge stadiums around the world. The stars of the UFC are household names amongst sports fans, both avid fans of MMA and casual followers. Say the name Conor McGregor and most will know exactly who you are referring to.

The majority of UFC cards are fought out in America with Las Vegas the most popular fight city at present. Such is the popularity of the bills, however, they have visited many of the worlds major nations.

Readers may be interested to know that you can profit from your knowledge of mixed martial arts and the great thing is you won’t even get hit when doing it. Bettors love to gamble using legal online sportsbooks to beat the bookie and earn a profit from the next live fight. Some prefer to rely on their own knowledge while others are happy to put their trust in the UFC best bets of a respected tipster.

Let’s look closer at the types of bets you can place on the UFC bouts that catch your eye. We start with the most obvious gamble and progress to the most difficult to get right.

Jessica Eye Ufc264 By Jeff Bottari For Zuffa Llc

Photo Credit: Jessica Eye UFC264 by Jeff Bottari for Zuffa LLC

Fight winner - keep it simple

The simplest way to bet on UFC and the most popular by a considerable distance is the fight winner market. With this type of bet you have a straight choice between Fighter A and Fighter B. Each with have betting odds attached that reflect how likely they are to prevail in the opinion of the sportsbook traders.

If you place a bet on a Fighter A to win the bout and they do you land the profits and they will be paid into your betting account. That cash can then be used to fund future bets or withdrawn securely to your debit account or e-wallet. It’s as easy as that. It doesn’t matter how they win the fight, as long as they get the job done. If Fighter B wins, however, you will lose your stake which is kept by the bookie and you exit that bet with nothing.

Method of victory - shoot at bigger odds

If you have a fighter you believe will win but are after odds a bit bigger than is available in the fighter winner betting you may want to try the method of victory angle. This market is a little more difficult to get right but the odds are bigger and well worth shooting at. A well placed method of victory wager on a top UFC fight could land you a handsome profit.
With this type of bet you are challenged with predicting both the winning fighter and how they will achieve the result - knockout, submission or points. For example, you’d be on Fighter A by KO/TKO. If they win by knockout you land the profits but if they win by submission or points or the opponent wins by any method then your bets a loser. There are many ways to get this bet wrong but only one that will land you a profit so the prices are eye-catching.

Lauren Murphy From Mymmanews.com

Photo Credit: Lauren Murphy, sourced from mymmanews.com

Winning round - worth the risk

We are now getting into the tougher betting markets, the ones that are worth a try but only for small stakes. The odds are often large, but the chances of you getting this bet right is slim as there are many ways to drop your stake. When gambling on a winning round bet, you are picking a fighter to win a bout and for them to achieve the victory in a specific round. Getting one correct is difficult but calling two right is tough.

An example of this type of bet may be Fighter A to win in round one. They can do this by either knockout or submission; it doesn’t matter to your bets. If your chosen fighter wins in the first round, you land the profits. If they win in any of the other four rounds or the opponent prevails, then you lose your cash to the house.

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