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Tiffany Cass Muay Thai Fighter

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Tiffany Cass Muay Thai Fighter


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Tiffany Cass Muay Thai Fighter

Thanks to Tiffany for helping us out with info for the Tiffany Cass Awakening Profile.

Tiffany Cass is an amateur Muay Thai fighter from Trenton, Ontario, Canada. Now living in Toronto, she fights under Kru Darwin Miranda, Kru Peter Blythe and Peter Montrait out of Krudar Muay Thai. She has been training for the best part of a decade, and actually didn't make her competitive debut until 2011 in which she fought to a draw.  Since then she has fought 19 times and has a record of 10-6-1 in Muay Thai, and 0-3-0 in Kickboxing (K-1 and Low Kick).

We asked her how she started in martial arts and she replied...

"The summer I graduated from my undergrad, 2007, my sister and I were looking for something fun to do outside of work. I wanted to do ballet, she insisted we try this kickboxing thing. I’ve been addicted ever since!"

In the four years that she's been competing as an amateur she has won herself several titles and medals. Last year she became the WKA Lightweight Champion for the second time after gaining the title in 2013 also.

Tiffany graduated from Law School with a focus on criminal law, and now works in a criminal defence firm.

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