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The launch of Awakepedia

by Andy WilmotPosted on

In yesterday’s website update of 2.3 we launched a new section of the Awakening website. This section is called Awakepedia. We worked pretty solidly on it last month which might help explain why our website was light on articles! Since the launch of 2.0 in January you might have come across the “Coming soon” pages in the Awakepedia section, and now, those days are gone – Awakepedia is open!


What is Awakepedia? In short it’s a martial arts encyclopedia, which, over time we hope will be an interesting place to browse through – and even get involved with. At the time of writing we have sixty-six different disciplines already listed (this is what we concentrated on for the launch), six weapons, one historical place, and one individual. We have set time aside to add atleast one new item each week. When we have more time, we’ll increase that. As you can see, it’s a work in progress and an ever-evolving thing. It is of course a secondary thing to our global female martial artists register!

What’s the difference between this martial arts encyclopedia and others that already exist? For a start, of course we will say that ours looks better! This is a subjective view of course, but we are proud of the design and functionality. When we compare it to, let’s say wikipedia – which is hard to fault, many people visit Wikipedia each day (us included) – our listings are aimed to be a bit more to the point, quicker to read. This is to say that we think Wikipedia sometimes has too much information when you want to find something out quickly. Again, a subjective view – but this is the angle we’re going for.

We would like to invite our community to get involved should any of you have an inclination to do so. Perhaps you would like to add some information to a topic, or perhaps you have a topic that you would like to see added and moved nearer the top of our list. Let us know, get in touch!

There are a few reasons why we have constructed this section; as martial arts enthusiasts we’re simply interested in the rich history, facts and meanings behind everything in the martial arts world (most martial artists share this view!), by creating an encyclopedia we hope to attract even more visitors via google searches, and lastly we’re aiming to build upon the community that you’re all part of.

We hope you enjoy this new Awakepedia section of our website.

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