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The best fighters to watch from around the world

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The last few years have led to a bit of a switch in the world of combat sports. While boxing obviously still has the prestige from years of it being the only real contender in town, MMA has started to become much more competitive in terms of viewing figures and interest. There is no more pertinent example of this than the explosion of the UFC. It could conceivably be the most popular combat sport in the world within the next five years. With this explosion of popularity, there has been a lot more focus on the different fighters within the MMA world. We’ve taken a look at the best choices out there when it comes to betting with the best UFC odds. This time we have included a couple of male fighters, but you know that our top pick is going to be female!

Megan Anderson

Megan Anderson is a fighter who always seems to come up short in the biggest nights of her life. Against Amanda Nunes and Holly Holm, she didn’t manage to get the job done. This means that she might not be quite at the level to be among the very best in the world. However, that doesn’t mean that she’s not worth betting on at the right time. Anderson is more than capable of beating fighters just outside of the top 0.1%. She’s done it many times in the past and managed to win the Invicta featherweight championship earlier in her career. This shows that if she’s fighting against the rest of the pack then she is someone that you should look closely at.

Megan Anderson At Ufc 232 From Ufc Facebook

Megan Anderson | Photo Credit:  UFC Facebook

Of course, just because she’s a solid choice doesn’t mean that it will be a guaranteed win. You should always look into the best value for wagers. So, if the odds are long and Anderson is fighting against someone just outside the top echelons of fighters, then it will be worth making a bet on an Anderson win. This is especially true as Anderson is taking some time off for the time being, with many people expecting her to take some time to improve aspects of her game and come back as a more dominant fighter.

Gilbert Burns

Burns is one of the top fighters in the world at welterweight. Despite losing two of his last three fights, Burns is still a fighter to look at when searching for who to back. The fact remains that Burns wins a lot more than he loses. So, it’s a relatively safe bet to think that Burns is likely to get back to winning ways in his next fight. Especially as during his last loss he took home the accolade of fight of the night and Dana White decided that his performance had been so good that he would still get his win bonus.

Burns is one of the best grapplers in the world with his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills above that of most fighters on the welterweight roster. It’s widely known that he is a former world champion, so it’s not a shock that he has the ability to use these skills to make him a formidable fighter. Writing off Burns is something that some people have done in the past, but with his skills, he is always just one step away from turning a sure loss into a guaranteed win. It’s for this reason that he is always a solid wager, especially when his odds are generous.

Brian Ortega

Ortega is the kind of fighter that could go on to superstardom. Despite two losses in his last three fights, he has still shown enough in his career to suggest that he will go on to win titles in the UFC. He currently sits near the top of the featherweight rankings and has put in some of the best performances in a number of his bouts. He may not have been the overall headliner, but the excitement that he offers in his fights has gone a long way towards the UFC posting record revenues in recent years.

He’s competed twice for the UFC featherweight title recently and if he keeps on performing in the same vein as he has over his last few fights, as well as adding some improvements to his game, then there is a good chance that Ortega will walk out of the octagon with the belt over his shoulder in the near future. Ortega has managed to grab some big wins against top fighters over the course of his career and was even the first man to finish Frankie Edgar, so there is a lot more to come from the man from LA.

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