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Statistics: January 2013

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As February 1st sees in a new month for the Awakening website, our first month is completed. Due to the response we’ve had, we thought it was only right that we share with you our progress and experiences. The ultimate goal of Awakening is to help raise the global social acceptance of female martial artists, and give the athletes an online home where they feel acknowledged for their hard work. In the last month we have spoken to literally hundreds of athletes from multiple disciplines and levels, and the incredible response has been overwhelming and 100% positive. You all “get” what we are doing and each of those athletes we’ve spoken to, every last one of them, has had nothing but heart warming things to say to us. We thank you sincerely!

Bounce Rate

This is by far our most impressive statistic, it tells us what percentage of visitors delve deeper into the site after their first page. Obviously we want as many people as possible to feel comfortable clicking around and nosing about the site at their leisure. An average Bounce Rate for a website is between 40% and 70%, where 40% is considered “good”. Our Bounce Rate is a staggering and somewhat unbelievable 2.72%. This means 97.28% of you do indeed enjoy the site enough to visit multiple pages. We can’t begin to tell you honoured we feel to have this response. Incidentally the average number of pages visited is 10 per visit!

Average Visit Duration

After digging around on the internet we’ve found out the average duration somebody stays on the average website. Most of us are victims of fast paced, low attention span lifestyles and the figure is between 30 and 90 seconds. Yet again we are honoured to tell you that our average visit duration is a whopping 226 seconds, which is almost 4 minutes! When we started this we knew that female martial artists were compelling to both females and males, and you are proving our point. Thank you so much! Unfortunately there is no way to find out how many of our visitors are female, and how many are male. Now that would be an interesting stat!

Progress comes hand in hand with all of these impressive statistics. You’re interest in the work we are doing – and indeed on so many levels – you’re involvement, helps us help you and the overall climate for female martial artists globally.

Awakening Geographical Statistics

For any of you interested in how many visitors we’ve had, unfortunately it’s not common practice to give this figure out. What we can tell you though is that in terms of page views, we’ve had well, well, well into five figures!

Finally, our calculations estimate that only 95.5% of our target audience have yet to even hear of us! From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank all of you that support us by reading, “liking” and sharing our photos, articles and profiles with friends and colleagues. Spreading the word is key, and also the hard part.

Without you, we are nothing. We love you all!

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