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Queen of the Ring in Lund, Sweden has 17 female fights – takes place June 18th

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Queen of the Ring

Country: Sweden
Queen Of The Ring

Queen of the Ring is the first edition of a new all female Muay Thai gala in Europe. This exciting new 17 fight event takes place on Saturday 18th June in Lund, Sweden. Lund is the home for the respected annual event "Battle of Lund", Scandinavias largest thaiboxing gala, which has always featuring a few female pro fights on the main card.

In addition, "Queen of the Ring" will be arranged by the very same organizers, Team Real Fighter - so we can be assured that the matchmaking will be good! Although we're told that the show is on a tight budget, their experience gives us every chance of seeing this become an annual event.

Team Real Fighter coach and competitor Elna Nilsson tells us...

"In an effort to further strengthen female fighting, Queen of the Ring is a new and unique concept in several ways: The card covers all levels of fights, from childrens exhibition fights, via youth and adult amateur fights, to the final two A-class fights full Muay Thai rules. Another unique aspect is that the card is truly international on all levels, giving also less experienced fighters the opportunity to get some international experience. Countries represented are: Sweden, Denmark, UK, Greece, Norway, Finland and Germany. Also, female fighters are not only entering the ring, they are taking part in organizing the event. Girls from the local gym, involved in youth projects with the aim at strengthening young girls, will participate in the realizing the event."

This coming show will have a total of 17 fights. The main card feature an ISKA Scandinavian title fight (B-class, 54 kg) between Swedish Emelie Lekebjer and Anne Line Hogstad from Norway. In the first A-class fight Swedish Johanna Rydberg is facing Siiri Tura from Finland. Both are experienced fighters with strong records from IFMA World and European Championships, now they will battle it out under full Muay Thai rules!

The final fight of the evening is between two experienced pro-fighters: Swedish Elna Nilsson vs Germany's Meryem Uslu, a match-up that guarantees some serious action!

Here's a look at the card (excluding the childrens exhibition bouts).
Although we have profiles for each of these fighters, only those marked with  are complete and worth your time clicking on at the current time. This event gives Awakening a great opportunity to get these ladies profiles filled out!

Elna Nilsson vs Meryem Uslu  57kg, A-Class, 5x3, Full Thai rules
Johanna Rydberg vs Siiri Tura  51kg, A-Class, 5x3, Full Rules Muay Thai
Emelie Lekebjer vs Anne Line Hogstad 54kg, B-Class, 5x2, ISKA Scandanavian title
Mina Lamoure vs Josefine Lindgren 54kg, B-Class, 5x2
Mia Nadja Gad Olsen vs Johanna Kumlin 63.5kg, B-Class, 5x2
Evelina Wikner vs Efi Xiloudi 57kg, B-Class, 5x2
Olivia Carlsson vs Manuela Ladelfa 63.5kg, B-Class
Linda Östergren vs Sara Bengtsson 59kg, B-Class
Lwam Tesfai vs Marianne Humberset 57kg, C-Class
Martina Jahnke vs Mimmi Eklund 63.5kg, C-Class
Livia Malmborg vs Orsi Farki 57kg, C-Class
Pernilla Palm vs Anna Dahlbom 71kg, C-Class
Ceren Varol vs Soumia Boucette 54kg, C-Junior
Alva Wessman vs Hana Shala 60kg, C-Junior

As this is the first Queen of the Ring event, we're told that the funds aren't there for the show to be streamed, however we will be informed if and when videos are posted afterwards.

We wish Team Real Fighter and all ladies competing a great event! Head over to the Real Fighter Facebook Page.

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