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Most Viewed Female Fighter Profiles 2018!

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Here are Boxing's most viewed profiles in February 2019, the listing in which we show the top 20 Awakening Fighter profiles from the world of boxing.  

There are a few possible reasons that women boxers will find themselves in this top 20. The two most obvious would be that the athlete themselves, coach, commentator or fan has shared the boxing profile on social networks, or perhaps a fight has taken place or been announced and visitors are coming to find information.  Either way we are happy to have you visiting and we hope that you find the Awakening website useful!

Compared to visitor figures for MMA and Muay Thai / Kickboxing profiles, Boxing is generally much lower for us. We do treat boxers with exactly the same care and attention, however most boxing media outlets are far more established and we make the assumption that many people in the boxing world aren't aware of us yet.

Most Viewed Female Fighter Profiles 2018!

21. Lucia Krajcovic
22. Yolanda Schmidt
23. Tiffany van Soest
24. Amber Kitchen
25. Antonina Shevchenko
26. Amy Pirnie
27. Natalie Morgan
28. Christi Brereton
29. Tecia Torres
30. Aggeliki Kokalitsa
31. Mackenzie Dern
32. Kaitlin Young
33. Rika Usami
34. Jackie Buntan
35. Candice Mitchell
36. Sarah Worsfold
37. Nicola Barke
38. Selina Flores
39. Alicia Napoleon
40. Holly Holm


There are multiple ways a female fighter will find herself making this top ten listing; there may have been a breaking news story related to them that sparked public interest, the global popularity of an athlete often is an obvious reason, Awakening might have published an article on them during that month, fans, promoters and coaches are looking for information due to an upcoming fight, or most powerfully, the profile was shared on social networks. This top ten listing is unique because it is based solely on what the Awakening readership views!

When fans and athletes share these fighter profiles on social networks, it creates the opportunity of being included into this listing alongside some of the world’s best known female fighter names. There are numerous benefits to this; it increases their presence on the net, it allows us the opportunity to show our thanks to those that have brought in the most traffic to us during that month, and of course… it just might make someone’s day!

We hope that you find these stats as interesting as we do! Get sharing and "Liking" folks!


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