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Monthly Most Viewed – January 2014

by Rew MitchellPosted on

Have you ever wondered who the most viewed athletes on our website are? Well we certainly did, we looked into it and were very surprised!

The results got us thinking, and we have decided to do an article each month showing the top ten most viewed female fighter profiles on the Awakening register.

So, enough talk? Here's January's top ten list of the most viewed Awakening profiles.

Sammy-Jo LuxtonSammy-Jo Luxton
Muay Thai / Devon, England, UK
647 Unique Page Views
182 Facebook Likes
+77 Thumbs Up


Danielle ButlerDanielle Butler
Muay Thai / Wokingham, England, UK
557 Unique Page Views
193 Facebook Likes
+93 Thumbs Up


Annabelle ShoobAnnabelle Shoob
Kickboxing / Wiltshire, England, UK
543 Unique Page Views
146 Facebook Likes
+40 Thumbs Up


Christi BreretonChristi Brereton
Muay Thai / Devon, England, UK
509 Unique Page Views
112 Facebook Likes
+37 Thumbs Up


Charlie ButlerCharlie Butler
Muay Thai / Wokingham, England, UK
426 Unique Page Views
205 Facebook Likes
+79 Thumbs Up


Holly HolmHolly Holm
MMA & Boxing / Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
496 Unique Page Views
15 Facebook Likes
+32 Thumbs Up


Sheree HallidaySheree Halliday
Muay Thai / Surrey, England, UK
485 Unique Page Views
153 Faceboook Likes
+11 Thumbs Up


Ronda RouseyRonda Rousey
MMA / Riverside County, California, USA
483 Unique Page Views
29 Facebook Likes
+14 Thumbs Up


Cynthia RothrockCynthia Rothrock
Tang Soo Do / Los Angeles, California, USA
446 Unique Page Views
3 Facebook Likes
+5 Thumbs Up


Iman BarlowIman Barlow
Muay Thai / Leicestershire, England, UK
374 Unique Page Views
4 Facebook Likes
+11 Thumbs Up


There could be any number of reasons for an athlete's profile to be getting high viewing figures, some of those reasons might be; sheer popularity (the most obvious reason), a breaking news story, upcoming fights, an article, etc. and of course, the most powerful reason - the profile being shared on social media platforms. It is this last reason that makes the list we discovered interesting.

By sharing the top ten list with you, it allows some of the younger, or perhaps lesser known fighters to be written into an article with some of the world’s biggest names in female fighting. The benefit of this is simply to make someone's day, and also a way for us to show thanks to athletes who brought the most traffic into our website.

We hope that was as interesting for you as it was for us. We will endeavour to create one of these lists each month - so get sharing and "Liking"!

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