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Miesha Tate vs Rin Nakai, UFC Fight Night, Tokyo

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Miesha Tate vs Rin Nakai, UFC Fight Night, Tokyo

On September 20th at UFC Fight Night in Tokyo, Miesha Tate will be facing Japanese Queen of Pancrase, Rin Nakai. This match up almost definitely ensures that the UFC will deliver another show stealing performance from the ladies.

The talent of Miesha Tate is undeniable. Her record boasts a who’s who of Womens’ MMA, with victories over female fighters such as: Liz Carmouche, Julie Kedzie, Marloes Coenen, HItomi Akano, Zoila Gurgel, Elaina Maxwell etc. Not only is she a veteran and former Strikeforce champion, but she has a long list of grappling achievements making her one of the most respected wrestlers in WMMA. She comes into this fight having beat Liz Carmouche after a two fight slump. The two fights were against Cat Zingano and Ronda Rousey, they are fights that are now etched into the history books and will not be forgotten by fight fans. Her record currently stands at 14-5-0.

Rin Nakai meanwhile, is currently unbeaten with a record of 16-0-1. Although she comes into the fight with a 5.5inch height disadvantage, she really is a powerhouse. She has a similar grounding to Miesha with her grappling background, so it will be interesting to see if this fight takes place on the ground, or as is more common when two wrestlers meet – on their feet. Like her opponent she is used to brawling! She has only fought once this year, with a victory of Sarah D’Alelio. It’s worthy of note that although she is an incredible fighter, she has been criticized for her controversial, and strange, social media presence. To put it politely, she is no stranger to appearing in various lingerie outfits for photo shoots and videos whilst performing day to day tasks on youtube and facebook. We don’t particularly agree with this portrayal of a female fighter, but perhaps it’s just a clash of cultures.

Without doubt Miesha has faced more tougher opponents and Rin may have met her match in regards to grappling and brawling. With all this said, we believe it’ll go to a decision and the odds are in Miesha’s favour..... just.

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