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Mid-March Progress Report

by Rew MitchellPosted on

I wanted to bring you a Mid-March progress report on the Awakening website, because there is alot going on right now and I know you'd be pleased to hear it. I'll split this into two tiny articles for easy of reading.

Getting the website up to date

Strides are being made in this area now. The wonderful Evelyn is back working on the website with me after three years. This obviously doubles the amount of work that can be done. If you haven't noticed already, you are guaranteed to start noticing these updates happening in the very near future - as more and more athletes get brought right back up to date.

This year so far

1934 new athletes added

2208 already existing athletes brought back up to date

3000+ images added

• Database search and filter function fixed!!

• New backend processes added to help us identify duplicate athletes. That is to say, to stop us from creating the same athlete under different names. This is an issue for all fighter profile websites. We've created a couple of solutions that mean this occurrence will now be  extremely rare.

As stated quite a few times in the recent months, my goal is for the website to be fully up to date again by Q3 of this year. At our current rate, it may be sooner!

To find out what else I have planned in the near future, take a look at this Ramping Up article.

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