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Lanchana Green Muay Thai Fighter

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Lanchana Green Muay Thai Fighter


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Lanchana Green Muay Thai Fighter

Thanks to Lanchana for helping us out with info for the Lanchana Green Awakening Profile.

25 year old Lanchana Green has been training in martials arts for over a decade. She hails from Darlington, England and has been competing in Muay Thai since 2007. At the time of writing her record is 7-6-0, and in 2010 she became the WMC Northern Area Champion.

We asked her how she started in martial arts and she replied...

"I have been training since I was 4, starting out as a gymnast until Martial Arts was introduced to me at 15, over the years I have expanded my mindset, skillset and realised I succeed every day I’m above ground. The bonus each day is doing something I love, making sh*t happen, this is what I create for myself, this is my life."

Muay Thai is not the only string Lanchana has to her bow, she has competed in MMA, holds a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and also coaches in strength and conditioning, after receiving a degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

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