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June Progress Report

by Rew MitchellPosted on

Its been a very long road, two whole years in fact, and now, its done! If you've been following along with these progress reports, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. For those of you that aren't aware of what has been going on here at Awakening, I'll explain.

Two years ago I came up with a new system for collating fight records. The website had become so large, that it was unmanageable for Evelyn and myself to keep tens of thousands of athletes up to date. On the outside it would have appeared that the database was no longer being updated. There is some truth in that I suppose, as we were working on building the new update system. Not wanting to bore you with the specifics, we had to manually convert over ten thousand fight histories to the new system. Bare in mind, some of these histories have over one hundred fights. This conversion was very slow, but we worked on it solidly almost everyday for two years. Over the last six months, we have been attaching these new fight histories to all of the profiles. Yes, this part took six months.

I am more that ecstatic to announce that this is complete. So what does this mean going forward. Well in a nutshell, now when we update an athlete, in theory they will stay up to date. With this new system now in place, you WILL start to see a difference. The Awakening website once again should become a go-to for enthusiasts, industry folk and athletes and their teams.

So what is planned for June? Our main focus is getting athletes back up to date. Evelyn is set with this task, and my own task is to add historical fights, bios, and photos - liasing with athletes. It's also worth mentioning that unlike the previous couple of months where I have added twenty or so videos to our YouTube channel. This month, there might not be any due to our work flow. I am also flying to Thailand for three weeks to work on the Enfusion Contenders documentary. So time is a little precious this month.

Please go and subscribe to the Awakening YouTube channel - as it grows, so does the likelihood of attracting sponsors. With sponsors I will be able to make leaps in Awakening's progress, not just steps!

If you appreciate the work we do and want to show your support, feel free to "Buy us a coffee" by clicking the link above. All donations get invested directly back into making the database better!

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