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Janice Lyn Muay Thai Fighter

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Janice Lyn Muay Thai Fighter


Photo Credit: Gia Photography
Janice Lyn Muay Thai Fighter By Gia Photography

Thanks to Janice for helping us out with info for the Janice Lyn Awakening Profile.

Janice Lyn is a Muay Thai fighter from North York, Ontario, Canada. Now living in Toronto, she fights under Kru Darwin Miranda, Kru Peter Blythe, Peter Montrait and Brian Chou out of Krudar Muay Thai. She turned professional in November, winning her first fight against Theodora Pistiolis.  As an amateur she wracked up 23 fights, with 16 wins and 7 losses. In this time she has no doubt gained a lot of experience, because she has faced some of the toughest opponents from various countries!

We asked her how she started in martial arts and she replied...

"I first started Martial arts 6 years ago. My friend wanted to try a Muay Thai class at Krudar and I became hooked. It was the year 2009 and I was 25."

Since training at Krudar she has been given three awards by the gym itself, and has also become both the IKF World Classic Champion and the WKA North American Champion, among other accolades.

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