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Fight Supplies, an ethical company that you should consider

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Support the brands that support the female fight industry
  3. How did Fight Supplies get on my radar?
  4. Why you should consider Fight Supplies
  5. A glance at their three biggest sellers


One morning whilst going through my inbox, I discovered an email waiting for me with the unassuming subject line "Enquiry". It was from Luke Kirk, Managing Director at Fight Supplies.  Now, this is a company I have had on my radar for a few months, so I was intrigued. They are a quality UK based Muay Thai store that caters to men and women, and ships throughout Europe.

Luke was interested to find out what options were available for working with Awakening Fighters in a sponsorship capacity. We exchanged emails back and forth, and I sent the Awakening Opportunities PDF over (with special discounted pricing, tailored just for Fight Supplies). I'll explain why I discounted our prices in a moment.

Support the brands that support the female fight industry

I have been a long time believer that we should support the brands that support the female fight industry. There are many brands that really don't care, because the female market segment is much smaller than the male side - a couple of brands have told this to my face. This is not the case with Fight Supplies.

It's worth pointing out at this stage that yes, technically speaking this is a sponsored article. However, I offered to write this because I wanted to tell you, Awakening Allies and visitors, the reason for using Fight Supplies as a brand.  They have kindly sponsored a female fight documentary that I am making. This article is more so me, potentially the biggest supporter of female fighting in the world, pointing you in the direction of a company that has similar ethics to Awakening.

I've been approached by quite a few brands, and politely turned them away because our ethos did not align. In this specific case, our brand alignments are very close. So check out the Fight Supplies website next time you need something.

How did Fight Supplies get on my radar?

It's another thing I have a fascination with. I pay attention to fighters' sponsor banners at the start of fights, and I also see your social media posts announcing sponsors. These brands get a check mark and put into a box inside my head labelled "Female Fight Supporters".

Fight Supplies more specifically are a new entry into this box. I designed Amber Kitchen's One Championship fight banner, and Fight Supplies sponsored Amber twice, to my knowledge. That there ladies and gentlemen is a real supporter.

Amber Kitchen Fight Banner Nov 2022

Amber Kitchen ONE FC Fight Banner | Nov 2022

Why you should consider Fight Supplies

Now that I have given you the background, and my Awakening waffling is over, let me show you what I found out about Fight Supplies.

• 149 ratings on Trustpilot, at the time of writing, with 146 of them being 5 star reviews, giving them a rating of 4.9 - the highest of all retailers in Europe. They have never received a bad review or complaint from over 4000 orders.

• They are a "climate positive workforce". They partnered with Ecologi to offset their carbon emissions and support reforestation by planting a tree for every single order received.

• They state they value good business ethics and meaningful customer relationships. Their goal is to offer the best customer service and fastest delivery time in the market. They state, "We want to be able to offer anyone in the UK and rest of Europe a wide range of quality Muay Thai gear and deliver an exceptional service from start to finish".

• Some of their sponsored events include MTGP (Muay Thai Grand Prix) and Diamond Fight. Our sponsored fighters include Amber Kitchen, Liam Nolan, Jamie Rayner, Lyndon Knowles, Shannon Kelly, Evan Jays and Michael Clarke.

• They are official Twins and Fairtex retailers. And also stock other leading brands including Sandee, TUFF, WICKED1, Namman Muay, Lo-bloo, MTG Pro, Safejawz and Deathblo.

• Fight Supplies was founded in 2020 by Luke Kirk and Daniel Collins. Together they have over 20 years’ experience of training, fighting and coaching and started the business after being unhappy with the stock availability and service offered by existing Muay Thai equipment stores.

A glance at their three biggest sellers

Fairtex BGV14PT White ‘The Painter’ Limited Edition Boxing Gloves
These limited edition boxing gloves are handmade in Thailand using a premium microfibre material for the outer shell to provide a consistent weight throughout the glove. Microfibre is incredibly durable, flexible and odourless, meaning these gloves will provide maximum longevity and comfort.

WICKED1 Rainbow Warrior Muay Thai Shorts
These shorts feature an elasticated waistband for optimal comfort as seen in traditional Muay Thai shorts, with the styling of modern slim-cut shorts. The sides are constructed of breathable and flexible mesh and side slits to allow for obstructive kicks.

Fairtex SP5 Black Shin Guards
Fairtex have used a stitching-free system between the shin and foot to avoid causing injury and discomfort. There is no metal loop on the back of the shin guard making these safe and acceptable to be used in both sparring and amateur fights.

So my personal opinion is that Fight Supplies should be considered by any Muay Thai fighter in Europe. They are ethical, they support the growth of the female fight sector, and they've got some nice products! Yes, this is a "sponsored" ad of sorts, but I found it very easy to write because our companies align.

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