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Female Fighters Unite

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Awakening is mobilizing an army from the female fight scene in a global campaign against breast cancer!  This campaign is called “Female Fighters Unite.”  Read on to find out how you can easily get involved in this collaborative effort!

The Female Fighters Unite initiative is the effort of both Awakening and MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auction. The family run organisation of MZ & Emmers has already raised a substantial amount of money towards fighting breast cancer, impressively more than $23 000 since 2010! MZ & Emmers started by getting female athletes from sports like soccer and athletics to donate signed sports bras, which they would then auction. While they’ve had some female fighters involved before, here at Awakening we thought we could really bring the female fight scene together to rally behind this cause. This will be a triple bonus, because not only will this be great publicity for the fighters themselves, but it will be a fantastic way to show the world that female fighters as a collective are truly a force to be reckoned with! Most importantly, the funds raised go towards breast cancer research and support initiatives. Too many people are directly affected by this disease, and many more of us are hurt by the struggle of those around us fighting against this devastating enemy.

The campaign itself involves two parts – auctioning off donated, signed and/or decorated sports bras, and also a video campaign! Fighters can choose to be involved with one or both components. To date, there are more than 70 fighters involved from twelve countries! Some of these fighters include: Julie Kitchen, Tecia Torres, Iman Barlow, Lucy Payne, Jasminka Cive etc, the list goes on.  All levels of fighters are welcome, whether amateur, pro, or anything in between. There are also a number of ring ladies participating as well as well known and loved ref Michelle Drake.

We would be thrilled for more female fighters to get involved and be a part of the cause! The more of you on board, the more powerful the message, and the greater the resulting awareness and donations made! The influence of the female fight scene can be very powerful, and we feel that this is truly a worthy cause to unite for.

Female Fighters Unite

If you are interested, please join us on facebook and send us a message for more detailed information on the components of the campaign and what your role could look like. Message us at Awakening Facebook.

Female fighters have shown time and time again that they are strong, fearless and bold fighters. Let’s show our support to help those of us who face a different battle in their fight against breast cancer.

MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auction for Breast Cancer Facebook Page
MZ & Emmers Youtube Channel

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