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Female Fighters Unite Outcome

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During the last half of 2013, female fighters around the world united to help raise money to fight breast cancer. Awakening worked closely with MZ & Emmers to organize the global Female Fighters Unite campaign. We're so pleased to now be able to announce the outcome.

Female Fighters Unite

Between us all, we raised $4638 / £2838*, with over 700 bids on 72 items. If we add this to the MZ & Emmers previous total for female fighter participation, the figure is now an impressive $9984 / £6109*.

We want to say thank you to everyone that got involved, and also to those athletes that we spoke to that wanted to be involved but didn't for a variety of reasons - we will get to that in a moment. Of course a huge thank you to the bidders and winners of the auctions, and to those that helped spread the word about the campaign. We’re happy and feel it was a success - we raised a bunch of money and raised some awareness!

Felice Herrig - Female Fighters Unite

Awakening would also like to apologize to those few athletes who wished to be involved, but who’s messages were unfortunately missed amongst the sheer volume of mail we received. We hope there will be a “next time”.

Helping to organize this campaign was a lot of work! So we should all applaud MZ and Emmers who do this all year round in different entertainment industries. To date they have raised a grand total of $33,900… if you haven't already, go Like their Facebook page!

Thank you to those that donated items, we are so sorry if we have missed anyone…

Andy Nguyen
Annabelle Shoob
Ashlee Evans-Smith
Ashley Cummins
Bec Hyatt
Belinda Sedgwick
Bethany Marshall
Breanna Armstrong
Brittney Elkin
Cassie Crisano
Cat Zingano
Chantal Ughi
Christina Wittman
Diana Rael
Elaine McElligott
Fallon Fox
Felice Herrig
Gabby Holloway
Iman Barlow
Jackie Baker
Janis True
Jasminka Cive
Jen Aniano
Jesselee Maleport
JJ Aldrich
Jordan Nicole Gaza
Joy Byxbee
Julia Budd
Julie Kitchen
Kimberly Sargent
Kristi Lopez
Lacey Schuckman
Lana Hunter
Lisa Ellis
Lucy Payne
Macy Pratt
Maureen Riordon
Meagan Photiou
Michelle Waterson
Nicole Brandenburg
Maja Matusiak
Natasha Sky
Natasha Wicks
Nicole Martynuska
Paige VanZant
Racheal Blaze
Ranini Cundasawmy
Renee Medina
Sara McMann
Sarah Payant
Shannon Ihrke
Staci Vega
Tancy Marie
Tanya Merrett
Tecia Torres
Whitney Gunderson

* The $ total is 100% accurate, the conversion into £ is approximate.

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