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Faye Murphy Muay Thai Fighter

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Faye Murphy Muay Thai Fighter


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Faye Murphy Muay Thai Fighter

Thanks to Faye for helping us out with info for the Faye Murphy Awakening Profile.

Faye fights out of Kirkby A.B.C. in Liverpool, England. At 16 years old she has left junior fights behind her where her record was 1-2-0 and now fights at amateur level. At the time of writing her amateur record stands at 1-0-1, so she's unbeaten at the new level and both fights took place last year. As a junior she won the 2012 Celtic Challenge Championship.

We asked her to provide us with a quote and she replied...

"You have to believe to be able to achieve, therefore push yourself to the best of your ability because nothing but your best effort is good enough!"

Another thing worthy of note is that she fought Charlie Butler twice at junior level. She won the first fight but lost the second. Watching these young fighters progress through it'll be interesting to see these two meet again for the a third time as adults!

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