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Community Submitted Articles

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Are you a writer wanting a larger audience for you work? A budding writer that has yet to be published? Perhaps you're a fight fan with an opinion to share? Or maybe you just want a chance to win an exclusive Awakening T-Shirt?

In a previous post we talked about the Female Fight Community and the importance of which we consider the community involvement in the website.  We're delighted to tell you that we now have the ability to accept user article submissions. For those interested in us sharing their writing with the rest of the community, we would love to encourage you to submit your own articles to us. There are of course some guidelines which are written below, but first let's take a look at the benefits of this new open doors policy on articles.

Reading the opinions of the same people might eventually get stale for our users. Help us change it up!
2) User submitted articles will help to strengthen Awakenings ethos on impartiality within the community.
3) The audience of the Awakening Fighters website is into the thousands, with approximately 80% viewers returning daily. This serves as a great place to be heard, or even make a name for yourself as a writer or pundit.
4) Your article will be posted under your name and you will be added to the list of authors should you wish to submit another article at a later date.
5) Your article will be entered into that month’s list of submitted articles. The article with the greatest community response will be sent an exclusive Awakening T-Shirt only available to article winners!

Articles we're interested in
First and foremost, your opinions. Your article can be either an unbiased look a something, or an unabashed one-sided view. The idea of both styles is appealing to us, as this is your community as much as it is ours. The topic of the article can be about anything related to Female Fight Community; a recent fight, training practices, social comment on a particular fighter or recent event, nutrition, interviews, an article about your gym, or perhaps you're a new athlete trying to make a name for yourself.  This list is as endless as your imagination!

Ideally, before you spend time writing, you should contact us at with your idea so we can verify it is something we feel our readers would be interested in us publishing.
2) The author will accept us correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling. After any minor alterations, we will send it back to the author to check and we will get their consent to publish.
3) In rare cases we may ask for a section to be re-written if we feel it is inappropriate in anyway.
4) If you are able to supply us with images, please feel free to as they can add to an articles readability.
5) Submissions must be at least 250 words in length. The ideal length is 450 words. Submissions over 600 words are welcomed, however we might feel the need to split them into different articles.
6) We reserve the right to refuse an article if we deem it inappropriate for our readers.

Important to remember
The article will be posted under your name, or alias. This is worth remembering because your article will be open to community comments and ratings, not everyone may agree with your opinions!

Hopefully we've sparked your creative interest and got those juices flowing!

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