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Community Feedback and Ratings

by Rew MitchellPosted on

With the new Awakening website 2.0, we really want to drive forward the community aspect of this build. We feel that involving you - the female fight community - with as much of the website as possible our mission to do good can only grow from here. We refer to the "Female Fight Community" a lot, perhaps we should clarify what we mean by this. To us at Awakening this term is inclusive to; you, the reader (whatever your background may be), the martial artists themselves, female fight fans (regardless of gender), promoters and promotions, gyms and clubs, sponsors, other media sources, managers, and other brands similar to us.  In short, the term "Female Fight Community" is inclusive to anyone connected to, and supportive of female fighters. We have an open door policy, this community grows each day and we're here to serve as the ultimate resource.

How can you get involved?
There are numerous way in which you can get involved and help make this website even better, let us introduce you three of the social aspects available.

1) Socia Media
Throughout the website there are now literally tens of thousands of Social Media buttons primed for our content to be shared on the different Social Networks. This is one most effective and supportive methods available for or readers to utilize. If you share our content using these buttons, we will quite literally love you forever.

2) User Comments
On a large majority of pages, again there are thousands of them, we have included the ability for our users to leave comments. You're invited to have your say on most of our content, and indeed open dialogues with other users and some of the athletes themselves. All we ask is that you are respectful to each other and most importantly the athletes. Negative comments and opinions are of course allowed, but we reserve the right to delete abusive or uncalled for comments. In very rare cases we may ban a user altogether.

3) Community Ratings
Each of our Awakening fighter profiles now have the ability to get rated from 1 to 10 stars, as well as the new thumbs up/down feature.  Be aware however that once your rating has been given, it cannot be reversed.

Most importantly, if you like the work we have and continue to put in, the best way to support us is by "liking" and "sharing" our content so we can attract new people to the community. Have fun folks!

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