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Celebrating 100 articles (Part 2)

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Although technically this is our 102nd article, we are celebrating reaches 100 articles in this two part breakdown of what’s going on at Awakening, and what the future holds.

Click here is you missed Celebrating 100 articles (Part 1) in which we talk about the female fighter database and global event calendar.

Before we talk about our future and how you can help us grow (no money required!), we discuss our female fight fixtures and results listing, and the side project that is Awakepedia.

Female Fights Fixtures &Amp; Results

Female Fight Fixtures and Results
Our latest addition to the website is our female fight fixtures and results listing each month. It is the most comprehensive listing anywhere in the world. Not only because we have the most fights listed, but also because it is the ONLY listing that links to athletes individual profiles on the database… the most comprehensive database in the world. This listing requires editing for several hours each day, and this is mainly due to all those links and profiles. It’s worth it because it aids us and everyone else to keep fingers on the pulse of the female fighting scene… it’s also pretty nerdy of us, we know. It would not be possible however without the ability of collating all the information from some of our favourite resources out there… check these websites and places out (if you haven’t already)…

Wombat Sports
Female Muay Thai Group on Facebook
Women’s MMA Today

We have many more resources we turn to for information, but those four are by far our favourites, and indeed great places for you all to visit!


This area of website can be seen as a side project for us. Simply put it’s a martial arts encyclopedia. Our idea is to add two or three new pages of informative content a month. It’s great to browse and learn stuff from, and it’s another great way for us to bring in traffic to the website – and it’s working! Like everything to do with Awakening we are striving for it to be nothing but high quality content, content that also looks great and is fun. There is a community aspect to it as well, whereby we welcome anyone who wants to help out with it – perhaps by writing one of the sections on a page, or perhaps supplying us with relevant links to any of the pages. We’ve already had a few people getting involved with it, which is exciting.

The future of Awakening
Big things! We have quite a few plans for Awakening and how we can grow and help the female fight community grow. We obviously want to play our cards close to our chest for a few reasons but we can guarantee that there is an exciting future ahead. Our first goal over the coming weeks is to secure funding from various sources to cover the server costs of the website. When this happens we will also be upgrading the server to make for a faster browsing experience for everyone. With secured funds will also come an expansion of the currently very small Awakening team. This will allow us to move on to our next three ideas – which we can’t tell you what they are unfortunately. However you should see one materialize this year, followed by the second idea appearing early next year, and the third idea appearing shortly after that! We know that 99.9% of the female fight community will love what we have in store!

How you can help Awakening help you?
Essentially, the more traffic and support we get, the more funding we can secure. This funding will be put towards making Awakening what we have always intended for it – to be a beacon of possibility for female fighters across the globe. We want to open doors for you guys, and we need your support so we can support you! Here are a few things you can do to support us…

1) Share our content over social networks, our articles, our profiles, our pages. Help get us in front of as many eyeballs as possible.
2) “Like” our content. Most of our pages have facebook “Like” buttons on them. Liking a page has a similar effect to sharing them
3) Use the “Star Rating” and “Thumbs Up/Down” features we have on most pages. Using these tells google that the content is interesting/relevant – whether you give a good or bad rating. In regards to our written content, it also shows us if you’re interested in what we’re publishing or not – which helps us improve.
4) Link to our home page on your website. Or perhaps you have an athlete profile in our database, if so why not add a link to that on your facebook about page, or website.
5) Share our Facebook page
…and most importantly
6) continue to enjoy our website, we love having you and getting the feedback!

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