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Bulls on Parade 11, May 21st

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As mentioned in the recent article Ramping Up, I am now getting back out there filming, photographing and documenting events. My first event back in the seat was Easter Beaster 3 in Cornwall.

I am booked for another show in Plymouth next month. This time for Taurus Gym. A few athletes asked me if I was attending the show because of the amount of female fights on the card. I believe 10 of the 30 fighters are women. The "Bulls on Parade" show will take place at Pryzm, Plymouth on Saturday 21st May. Tickets & info can be found by calling 07763 801465.

If you have an event and would like it to be filmed, get in touch with me: info@awakenignfighters.com. All I require is travel expenses. Subscribe to the Awakening Fighters YouTube channel.

Bulls On Parade 11

The following fights are on the card (this is not the correct order):

Rula Zilinskaite (All or Nothing) v Suzanna Ria (Msj) 61kg K1
Avaras Gaciauskas (Aor N) vs Tamás Ördög (Taurus) 84kg K1
Zachary Sheridan (Hybrid) vs Jake Finlay (Taurus) 72kg MT
Sean Strapley (Master St James) vs Afie Hogstad (Touchgloves) 59kg K1
Lewis Blackford (So8) vs Loui Lyle (Taurus) 65kg MT
Conor Minette (Master St James) vs Kris Thomas (Taurus) 84kg K1
Beth Bodily (Touchglolves) vs Nicholle van Oosterman (Hybrid) 58kg MT
Rose Beattie (So8) vs Amanda Chester (KMT) 65kg MT
John Watson (Kore) vs Aaeiron Orme (Taurus) 70kg MMA
Tug Walkey (MSJ) vs Kurt Fielding (Taurus) 88kg K1
Ben Joyce (Ind) vs Finn Washburn (Taurus) 85kg Boxing
Stanno Foggin (LD fighters) vs Harrison Bishop (Taurus) 100+kg K1
Ollie Davey (Hybrid) vs Aurimas Juzenas (Touchgloves) 95kg MT
Mia Trevorrow (Touchgloves) vs Miriam Grubb (LDfighters) 53kg K1
Gabi Floarea (Flo) vs Yousef Touhami (Hybrid) 77kg MT

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