Boeng Sianduangnakhon vs. Nampueng ABT Khaodaeng | Samui International Muay Thai Stadium | Awakening Fighters

Boeng Sianduangnakhon vs. Nampueng ABT Khaodaeng | Samui International Muay Thai Stadium

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This is the second fight night I have filmed at the Samui International Muay Thai Stadium. I have to say, it was a very entertaining evening. A blend of good fights, great sportsmanship (I don't know what today's preferred gendered term would be) and a wild Thai crowd shouting and betting behind me.

There was only one female fight on the card, Boeng vs. Nampueng, which was billed third. Take a look at the poster and see how young Boeng is. My guess would be about 14 years old. I found that extremely impressive to fight full thai rules against a woman!

Samui Internation Muay Thai Stadium 13 Dec 2022 | Awakening Fighters

Here is the full fight card videoed by yours truly in the sweltering heat.

Boeng Sianduangnakhon vs. Nampueng ABT Khaodaeng

Boeng Sianduangnakhon vs. Nampueng ABT Khaodaeng was the third bout, and only female fight on the card at Samui International Muay Thai Stadium this evening. As you know, Awakening Fighters puts the female fights ahead of the male fights in terms of interest and importance. For this reason I have listed this fight ahead of the others.

It was the second female fight I've had the pleasure to film here in Thailand. I had anticipated this fight for a few days, having seen the advertising truck pass me twenty or so times. Two main things stood out for me from the poster. First, was the apparent youth of Boeng. Secondly, I am certain that Nampueng is in the Awakening database. I recognize her. The issue we have with Thai names is that they are somewhat phonetic when transcribed to English. This means that spellings are quite often different from event to event. I will do a youtube video explaining this and the problems it causes me record keeping, and of course, what my solution is.

I hope you enjoy the fight, I did!

Appreciate my work and what we do here at Awakening Fighters?

Chalam Buk Sitnainangphon vs. Mafia Khrongkhrammuaythai

Well spoiler alert, it's a KO. I actually found this quite shocking, because the KO happened in the corner I was standing. The fighter almost landed on my foot. I was torn between filming the fighter at my feet, and the fighter celebrating. The "out of it" look on the KO'd fighters face was initially pretty awful - so I decided to film the celebration and then return to the downed fighter once some clarity had began creeping back in.

Ben Superpro Muay Thai vs. The Heart Koboynamueang

Ben Superpro Muay Thai vs. The Heart Koboynamueang surprised me in a few ways. First of all it was a war, and a great deal of heart from both fighters. Secondly, Ben is from my home country and trains at Superpro, where I am currently staying. I had no idea he was fighting. You know me, I don't pay much attention to whats happening in the male side of things - my brain is already too full with female statistics and data.

This was a very entertaining fight.

Misha Tommuaythai vs. Sailom Koboynamueang

This was a wild fight. Ukraine vs Thailand. We all know Ukrainians are one of the hardiest peoples, so I expected this to be a great fight. I felt that Sailom (Thai) was confidently playing with him somewhat throughout - but he took a handful of blows that gave him something to think about. A thoroughly enjoyable fight.

Rotlek Dapchangnakhonsi vs. Crongwang Sor Sommit

Rotlek Dapchangnakhonsi vs. Crongwang Sor Sommit was the fifth bout on the fight card. These were larger, heavy hitting Thais at 156lbs. A few times that action was extremely close to the camera, and I mean 5 inches or so. That is with me leaning back out of the way. It made me think that I may need another strategy for getting out of the way if I happen to be filming really large fighters!

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