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Betting Options to Consider for Female MMA and Boxing

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Olympic Women'S Boxing

Olympic Women’s Boxing (CC BY-NC 2.0) by IRGlover

Women’s martial arts contests are starting to gain new followers all around the world. Boxing and MMA are growth sports as far as female athletes are concerned and that growth has achieved great momentum in recent years.

Participation is on the rise and a whole new audience is being attracted to both sports. When a sport develops in this way, it will also lead to interest from the wider betting community. There are a host of markets available and, if you’re looking to get involved, here are some key tips.

Tip One: Find Your Sportsbook

First up, you have to find the right home for your betting: There are many hundreds of sportsbooks online but, with so much choice on the table, confusion can follow.

It helps to get a second opinion in circumstances such as these and is a portal into the top betting sites for all sports. Sites are reviewed based on multiple criteria and recommendations are made to readers.

It’s also possible to register with the sportsbooks via the site. Each of the recommended bookmakers is set up and ready to accept new customers. In most cases, there are generous welcome offers on the table and many bookmakers provide additional promotions moving forward.

When signing up, a choice of funding options plus fast and friendly customer service can help to smooth the process. Once the process is complete, mobile betting, a choice of sports and the possibility of live streaming top class action are among the other advantages.

It’s a useful site to follow when it comes to dealing with the first point. Find a good home for your betting and you can move ahead.

Tip Two: Start at the Beginning

If you’re new to Boxing, MMA or any other form of martial arts betting, you must start with the easiest markets. Fight winner betting will be widely available for the bigger bouts and this is the place where everyone should start.

There will be a maximum of three options; a win for either fighter or, on occasions, the draw. The draw bet will come at higher odds and there have been some notable drawn fights in recent years.

The equation is simple, even if it’s not so easy to find the winning fighter. Research into statistics including form and any head to head results from previous encounters will help you in this respect.

The Range of Markets

When you’re comfortable with fight winner betting, there are many additional markets to consider. One of the most popular of these is the Method of Victory where bettors have to decide on just how the fight will end.

Some options will be listed by the bookmakers including Knockout, Decision and Stoppage. These will be attached to each of the fighters on show. By looking at the tale of the tape and previous results, you can help to gain some insight into this type of market.

Most sportsbooks will also publish odds on whether or not the fight will go the distance. In this example, there will be just two markets - yes or no. In the live section of each sportsbook, you can also expect to find round by round betting. Which of the two fighters on show will come out on top at the end of each round?

A point worth noting is that not all sportsbooks offer a wide set of side markets for female boxing and MMA. The bigger selections will tend to come from major fights in organizations such as UFC. If you want that choice, it’s worth checking out each bookmaker in turn to see what they provide.

In Summary

While this has been a general round up, the advice here can cover Boxing, MMA or any other form of martial arts that are covered by the betting companies. In all cases, the first step on the journey is to find the right bookmaker.

The best sportsbooks are those that provide competitive odds which are backed up by a good selection of markets. Most betting companies will price up UFC and the major women’s boxing divisions while others will go a little deeper with more fights on their rosters.

If you’re new to the practice, follow the advice and take time to work out the type of fights and markets that you want to get involved in moving forward.

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