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Barlow vs Peloumpi

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At long last we got to go and watch Iman "Pretty Killer" Barlow fight.  The fight was in her home town of Melton Mowbray, UK at an event hosted her fathers Assassins Gym. There were approximately twelve fights on the card but we were sucked right into the main event and it's build up.

Iman Barlow

Iman would be facing 13 x World Champion Fani Peloumpi from Greece. Iman had previously told us that she expected this to be a very tough fight and with those stats we can see why.

Both ladies were extremely welcoming to Awakening, and must be said, a joy to work with.  They were both so professional and full of smiles throughout the build up back stage that it was hard to imagine that either of them realized who they were actually facing at the end of the night.

For the first few hours of the evening Fani sat in the crowd quietly watching the show, as Iman cornered some of the younger fighters from Assassins Gym. I wonder if these young fighters realize how blessed they are to have Iman in their corner? If they don’t, they will do when they are older!

The difference in fight preparations between Iman and Fani were so apparent. Most fight fans are unfortunate not to see the ins and outs of this part of fighting.  We realized this at the time, so we filmed them both to add to the beginning of the fight video. Fani is focused and takes her time in preparation, she possibly what is the longest pre-fight massage we've seen followed by a slow stretch and warm up. Iman on the other hand "chills".  She doesn’t get her game face on until a mere 45 minutes before. But when she does get her game face on, it really goes on.  Her pad work sounds like thunder!

Fani Peloumpi

Before the fight we were pleased to see both ladies do the Wai Kru.  Fani's was simply beautiful!

Before the fight both fighters showed great respect for each other, it was clear that these ladies were professional and in a different class of fighter. Soon after the opening bell Fani has caught a kick and sent Iman to her backside.  Soon after getting up, Iman took a glancing kick to the face followed by a jab. It seemed as though Fani might have been underestimated. As we were thinking that Iman caught Fani square in the face, knocking her head back quite sharply. Fani smiled and nodded as if to say "nice shot, now it's on".  Whether this blow had knocked Fani's confidence we don’t know, but Iman clearly had turned things up and the standard of the fight was set. We feel Iman won every round after that quite clearly.  Fani fought continuously but was effectively against the ropes for long periods of time with Iman controlling the ring easily.

Iman won by unanimous decision to a jubilant home crowd, and Fani remained extremely gracious.  Talking to Fani after the fight she was very disappointed with her own performance.



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