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Alyssa Garcia MMA Fighter

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Alyssa Garcia MMA Fighter

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Alyssa Garcia Mma Fighter

Thanks to Alyssa for helping us out with info for the Alyssa Garcia Awakening Profile.

Alyssa, aka 'Tiny Tim' is a 21 year old MMA fighter. At the time of writing her professional record is 1-1-0. She made her amateur debut just under a year ago and went on to win all four of her bouts in 2014. She left behind her an amateur record of 3-0-0.  Despite her first loss two days ago against Julia Jones, we keep hearing her name and have no doubt that this young lady is one to watch!

We asked her how she started in martial arts and she replied...

"I started a little over a year ago. I started because I was wrestling at Cerritos College but the boys were big and my shoulders were giving out and my brother said just try fighting, so my old wrestling coach took me to Tillis BJJ and thus it all began"

Having started competing in wrestling in 8th grade, and going on to be a 2x high school All-American, she then started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Summer of 2014 and now holds a blue belt.

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