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Add Yourself to our Athlete Register

by Rew MitchellPosted on

We're proud to boast that the Awakening female athlete register is the largest and most comprehensive in the world, for this reason alone you really should be on it. The "Add Yourself" feature on our old website was clunky and we found that most users struggled to input their data. In this, our second incarnation of the Awakening Fighters website, we have changed the system to make it easier for you, and us, to correctly create the athlete profiles.

Whether you are amateur or professional, active or retired and regardless of martial arts disciplines, we would love to build you your own fighter profile page on our website. In return, you get to play a part in inspiring others and the future generations into getting involved in martial arts. The profiles also serve as a great platform to increase your own web presence. So why not let us boast about your achievements for you, we are 100% sure that you deserve the recognition!

Adding yourself is simple. First of all, you should start by doing a quick search in the register to make sure you're not already listed. If you do already have a profile on our website, we encourage you to get in touch with any updates.  If you’re not listed, then simply fill out an Awakening Profile Questionnaire and email it to us at (Click the link below for the latest instructions on downloading the Awakening Profile Questionnaire).  See, easy-peasie!

We are also extremely interested in retired fighters. We want to cement your place in history for those next generations to draw inspiration from.

Add Yourself to our Athlete Register

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